Nostalgic Dinner

I hope you’re ready for another walk down memory lane cause today I incidentally threw something together for dinner that strongly reminded of my all time favourite childhood dinner.

I remember pleading with my mum to make it at least twice a week and as it happens I came across an old “friend book” lately (you know the ones you would hand out to all of your friend back in primary school to let them answer all kind of weird questions, or did this only happen in Belgium?) and I answered exactly that to the question “What’s your favourite food”:

Oven dish with potato mash, broccoli, minced meat in a cheesy sauce covered with grated cheese.

Here are the swaps I seemed to have made from my mum’s original recipe:

I swapped mashed potatoes with millet.
I swapped the cheesy sauce with a broth-hummus sauce.
I swapped the grated cheese with mozzarella.
The broccoli stayed as it always was and I didn’t use anything to replace the minced meat but you could always use vegetarian ‘mince’, lentils or minced meat for the carnivores among us. Just prepare it in a skillet and add it to the rest of the ingredients when you put it in the oven dish.

‘Millet and Broccoli Oven Dish’
serves 2

  • one serving of millet ( a cup?)
  • half a broccoli
  • vegetable broth
  • 2 T of hummus
  • mozzarella

Cook the millet in vegetable broth (ratio 1:2.5) for 25 minutes. I don’t really know how much millet I’ve used, I used a little teacup at home to measure it out, not that this information is of much use to you. Just use what you think is the proper amount for 2 people to eat from.
Once done take it of the fire and let it sit for another 5 minutes.

Cook the broccoli until tender (about 5 minutes), prepare the sauce with about 100ml of vegetable broth, whisk in the two T of hummus.

Preheat oven to 200°C (390 F).
Layer the oven dish with the millet and broccoli, pour the sauce on top and top with about half of a mozzarella bowl. Put in the oven for about 20 minutes, make sure to turn on the grill for the last 5 minutes so the mozzarella will get some colour.

Eat from a bowl, because all classy people eat their dinner out of breakfast bowls!

Love, M.


Yoga Lesson: Let go of Resistance

Due to this being at home these past few weeks to study I haven’t been able to take a yoga class in a studio for a while, but I have been hitting the mat frequently myself in order to ease the tension in my back, working up some sweat and staying sane mentally.

So I was very excited to have scheduled a ‘real’ class at a studio for last night. It was a class at a studio I’ve never been to but taught by my favourite teacher from Leuven, so everything was sunny in Mixxedtape land.

That was until I consulted the site of the studio a couple of hours before the class and found out that the schedule had changed. I was planning to attend an ashtanga short form which had suddenly changed into a mysore class.

And my reaction to that was mentally changing into a nagging 6-year-old.
You see, I have followed mysore classes, but only the preparation ones, that were actually still led classes. I’ve never ever done the primary series on my own with no one talking me through it. Trust me, I’ve tried it at home and it didn’t work out that great: the standing poses are just fine but when I’ve gotten to the sitting poses I’m always sick of it and out of focus and NO, I do not want to do another vinyasa in between those two postures.

How mature of me 😉

Yet, I decided to just suck it up and go for it anyway, I was full of resistance, feeling really awkward and uncomfortable (especially when I was the only one there to start and other people came walking in after a few minutes while I was busy doing sun salutations).
I was struggling and out of focus, looking at other people, not really knowing what I was doing and things just felt all wrong, but I gradually let go of it, relaxed a bit more, gained some focus and then it got wonderful.

I’ve learned quite a bit about myself yesterday and the adjustments were spot on so I think this will really help me overcome these mental barriers that are holding me back when I’m doing the ashtanga series on my own.

You see, yoga is not just about the asanas, it’s about this too: overcoming mental barriers and letting go of resistance, not just on the mat but in every day life situations as well.

Namaste, M.

Roll with it

I’m currently studying over at my dad’s house and I bumped on a package of rice paper just the other day, while I was on a hunt for food in the fridge and the kitchen cabinets.

My dad does not keep any ‘real’ food in his house, I swear, it’s like a bachelor’s house! He had a cabinet full of cookies and chocolate and some mayonnaise, hot sauce and coca cola in the fridge…
well, that should make a great and nutritious dinner.

I’m so glad I asked him to do some groceries for me cause now I at least have some veggies, fruit and some rice.

So I decided to just roll with it:

Salad with cherries tomatoes,spinach and carrots.
Rice paper Spring rolls with:

One version is made with spinach, strawberries and half a peach.
The other version is made with a wild rice and quinoa mix, smokes almonds, pine nuts and dried figs.

And in case you never worked with rice paper before, have no fear: it’s super easy and quick. All you need is bowl, fill it with cold water, place the rice paper in and let it soak  for about a minute,take them out, place them on a towel and stuff them.


You know you’re a bit weird when…

You get more excited about food shopping at a natural food store than about shopping for clothes.

Yeah, that’s what happened yesterday.
In my defence: I have been wanting to visit that food store for ages now and when I’m studying 24/7 every excuse to get out of the house will become an exciting road trip.

So here are the new goodies:

Millet, I’ve never had this before

Another thing I’ve never tried before: almond butter!
And jelly with absolutely no added sugar, it’s made with agave and the natural sugar from the fruit. 

And the thing I am most excited about: yogi tea!
I had a hard time picking a flavour but I decided to go with the ginseng one cause I remember enjoying that at my yoga studio.

Afterwards we also went to a ‘normal’ food store, but one we only go to once in a couple of months so I had to stock up on all the things you can’t find around here:

Some treats: natural liquorice and Lindt 85% chocolate.
The ingredient list of both is just amazing, the liquorice only contains 4 ingredients ( melasse, wheatflour, liquorice extract and natural aniseed oil), the chocolate only contains 6 ingredients ( cocoa paste, cocoa, cocoa butter, brown sugar and a natural Bourbon vanilla-pod).

And did I mention that that chocolate is delicious!!

Food shopping spree with a happy ending indeed 😉

Love, M.

Granola and Cooled Treat

I have a secret to share with you guys….

I kind of have a thing for granola.
Okay, this probably does not come as a surprise when you browse the blog from time to time, but I just had to say it: I love granola! 

And I am proud to admit it! What I am not too proud of though is that lately I’ve also been falling for the high sugary kind…

It starts out with a “They don’t have any “healthy” kinds in my home town corner shop but I really want granola in my yoghurt bowl and a handful won’t kill me, the sis can eat the rest”.
It ends with “Hmmm, what else can I come up with that I can eat that granola with this stuff is credulously good *sugar high*”.

So here’s my consensus:

High sugar granol is great to make amazing (frozen) treats:

Pour about 5 T of chocolate pudding in a container, top with the most unhealthy granola you can find, melt 1 t of peanut butter and drizzle on top. Put in the freezer for about half an hour.

If you want granola with other things (yoghurt bowls etc) make it yourself:

Yoghurt bowl have been my favourite breakfast this last week, due to the tropical conditions in Belgium.

Soy yoghurt (optional: drizzle with some honey);with strawberries, home made granola and “skillet cumble”, i.e. combine 2 T of grated coconut,4 T of oats and some almonds in a skillet on high until golden brown.


Take Me Out

Let me sniff flowers

Feed me loads of fruits and veggies

Snack plate with tomato, radishes, broccoli and cucumber dip,
grapes, a peach and melon.

Lamb’s lettuce, raw broccoli with more spinach dip, rashes, melon, carrots and coleslaw with soy nuggets

Show me magic

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern,
go buy this pronto, install yourself in a chair in the back yard with a plate of watermelon and prepare to be swept away into a world were dreams come true.

Love, M.

Mockery and Compensations

In the theme of either you do it right or you don’t do it at all, I made up for my absence from my yoga mat this week by doing two classes in timespan of of 12 hours. Last night I went to a wonderful vinyasa class, which was extra special because we practised in the beautiful yard of our yoga studio for the first time. I’d recommend everyone to do a yoga practise outside when it’s nice out, you will learn many different things about yourself and your focus.

This morning I attended the mysore ashtangha class at 6.30.
I will repeat that in case you don’t grasp the earliness of the concept: 6.30 a.m.
I’m always pleasantly surprised when I take this class cause I leave it with so much energy and the feeling like I’m on top of the world, and it’s not even 8 yet!

Breakfast get designed in the theme of take away breakfasts.

Overnight oats in an almost empty yoghurt container:

These oats got inspired by Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

I love Ben & Jerry’s! I’m not normally an ice cream fan but I like Ben & Jerry’s from time to time because it’s so much more than just ice cream.
All the flavours, add ins and different textures… it amazes me every single time.

In the container went 8 T of oatmeal, 2 T of grated coconut, splashes of soy milk, flax seeds, strawberries and smoked almonds. Store in fridge overnight and topped  with some melted peanut butter in the morning.

And an iced coffee on the side:

Yep, I am the creep that stores the container and some spare ice cubes of an iced latte from a café in her tiny freezer in order to be able to use the container again. In my defence , it’s the only way I can make sure I have ice cubes at hand and I will throw the container away after I finish this drink.

Love, M.