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‘Real Happiness: the Power of Meditation’ – Introductory Post

First of all: there’s nothing ‘floaty’ or religious about meditation. And it has nothing to do with drugs either 😉 it’s just about focusing and breathing (although you can also meditate on sound, feeling etc). I’m sorry if I already disappointed some … Continue reading

On ‘Real Happiness: the Power of Meditation’

Warning: this is a post with just two picture in it and a lot of words 😉 It is also a post without chocolate or PB to distract you, cause it is kind of a book review… No seriously, if … Continue reading

Week Four: Loving Kindness

Love isn’t a feeling, it’s an ability Back in the time when Charlotte was a baby, and the fanciest camera around was the one on Daphne’s cellphone… Today we’re going to talk about the fourth and also the last week … Continue reading

Week Three: Mindfulness and Emotions

When you look into a pool of water, if the water is still, you can see the moon reflected. If the water is agitated, the moon is fragmented and scattered. It is harder to see the true moon. Our minds … Continue reading

Week Two: Mindfulness and the Body

Mindfulness helps us get better at seeing the difference between what’s happening and the stories we tell ourselves about what’s happening, stories that get in the way of direct experience.  In week two of Sharon Salzberg’s meditation plan the emphasis … Continue reading

Week One : Concentration

‘Breathing and the art of starting over again’ Week One of Salzberg’s meditation program focuses on concentration. Concentration is all about calming and focusing your attention, this will make you feel re-energised. Being concentrated is going to help you to … Continue reading

The 10 “Take Care of Yourself” Commandments and Cookies

Time for me to go back to all these things I preached but stopped practising: 1. Thou shall think positive thoughts 2. Thou shall pick up meditation again 2. Thou shall be mindful, especially when eating 3. Thou shall practise yoga … Continue reading