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College Girl’s Meal Planning – Last week of October

The last week of October also brings us the last meal plan post in the College Girl’s series. Since I’m pretty much a creature of habit and will keep on posting awesome recipes/eats, you’ll still stay updated on the more … Continue reading

College Girl’s Meal Planning – Third week of October

Hey guys, ready for a brand new week?? Okay, this week I’ll be trying something new and exciting, I’m going to attempt to marinade and fry (and preferably eat too ;)) my own tofu. I got inspired by this recipe … Continue reading

College Girl’s Meal Planning – Second week of October

Hey guys, here’s a little info about what’s on the menu this week and my grocery list: no theme this week, I just worked around the meal I’d like to have on Tuesday night, so let’s have a look, shall … Continue reading

College Girl’s Meal Planning – First week of October

This week I’ll be working with Quinoa to incorporate into my meals. Tuesday I’m invited by someone who’s going to make me dinner so I don’t have to worry about what I’ll eat for dinner on Tuesday, on Thursday we have … Continue reading

College Girl’s Meal Planning

Having a healthy and varied diet as a college student isn’t always easy, especially when you also have a budget to keep in mind. And we haven’t even mentioned the temptations of dining out or buying yummy food because you’ve got control … Continue reading