College Girl’s Meal Planning – Last week of October

The last week of October also brings us the last meal plan post in the College Girl’s series.
Since I’m pretty much a creature of habit and will keep on posting awesome recipes/eats, you’ll still stay updated on the more special eats I come across but I’ll leave the quinoa salads, hummus melts and peanut butter extravaganzas out of the picture for now 😉

Up to the last week of (online) meal planning then:

Meal Plan

Monday: leftover cannelloni rolls (+recipe)
Tuesday:  I’ll be treating myself with some sushi, I’ve been craving this for weeks!
Wednesday: a friend comes over for dinner so I’ll go with something that always works: stir fried veggies with prawns
Thursday: leftover stir fry or something with my leftover veggie, we’ll see

Grocery List

* Bread
* Lamb’s lettuce: still obsessed (or I might get some spinach instead)
* Cherry Tomatoes
* Carrots
* Veggies to stir fry
* Prawns for in the stir fry
* Sushi!!!
* Dried Apricots : for snacks or in oatmeal/smoothies/salads 
* Greek Yoghurt
* Soy Milk
* Dark Chocolate
* Apples, bananas, khaki (they didn’t have one last week), avocado?,tangerines


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