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Breakfast Bake October: Recap

For those of you who lived under a rock for the past month and/or hadn’t noticed yet: October was all about breakfast bakes. Here’s a little recap of the bakes that passed the revue this month: Spiced Jelly Breakfast Bake Harvest … Continue reading

Breakfast Bake October Continues

  Breakfast Bake October proudly presents its newest addition to the family : the Harvest Bake This was what came out of my oven after a lovely 6K run this morning, such a great way to start your day, even … Continue reading

The End of the Breakfast Bakes

I thought I rocked an 8K today, but I kind of miscalculated and it was only a 7.5K… damn it, I was so excited I finally got my first 5 miles done, and then I found out I hadn’t, quite disappointing. Mona, … Continue reading

Breakfast Bakes are Back

It’s great to have access to an oven again so I can experiment with breakfast bakes some more! This bake was definitely a win. It was more like a warm muffin because I added some flour besides the usual oats. … Continue reading

Vitality and Marzipan

When strolling around in a local shop at my home town yesterday, some fancy looking berry mix caught my attention. It was a mix with goji berries, craisins and green raisins (Why green?? God knows!) mixed with some almonds and sunflower seeds. … Continue reading

This time, I’m prepared!

On Friday’s run the cold startled me, I hadn’t expected it to be that bad and it seemed I was a bit under-dressed. Not today though, I prepared my outfit yesterday, went on a wild search for something to keep my ears … Continue reading

Mixxedtape Eats

Breakfast Oatmeal Sweet Potato Cottage Cheese Oats Saffron Pineapple Oats Lazy Girl Fluffy Oats Eggy Banana Oats Gingerbread Coffee Oats Hummus Oats Pumpkin Walnut Oats Peach ‘n Jelly Oats Breakfast Sundae Coffee Cocoa Oats Baked Oats Chocolate Chip Baked Oats … Continue reading