Breakfast Bakes are Back

It’s great to have access to an oven again so I can experiment with breakfast bakes some more!

This bake was definitely a win.

It was more like a warm muffin because I added some flour besides the usual oats. The top and the sides were nice and crunchy (even a bit cookie-like with a bit of imagination) and the inside was muffin- like: nice and firm but still a bit moist, just as I like them!

‘ Spiced Jelly Breakfast Bake’

  • 6 T of oats
  • 4 T of whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 t baking powder
  • 40 gr of apple sauce
  • 1 T strawberry jelly (or any other kind you like)
  • loads of cinnamon, a few dashes of nutmeg and a sprinkle of salt
  • 6 almonds, chopped
  • optional: chocolate chips and peanut butter (the latter for topping)
Preheat oven to 200°C (390 F).
Just mix all of the ingredients together and pour the batter into some greased ramekins. Bake them for about 23 minutes.
I topped it with some peanut butter cause I like the way it all get’s nice and melty. You can also stay more ‘in theme’ and top with some more jelly.
It’s kind of sad I’ve left my mirabelles jelly in Leuven, cause it would have been great to use instead of my mum’s strawberry jelly.

I hereby declare October ‘Breakfast Bake Month’!

I’ll try and make a new breakfast bake every weekend because breakfast bake are real Autumn food and there are so much combinations I haven’t tried yet, I’ll keep you posted.


Love, M.


3 responses to “Breakfast Bakes are Back

  1. That looks very tasty 🙂

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