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The one about the Cat

Mona likes it when people prepare food.
She always thinks there might be something in it for her so she meows and she cuddles and she darts around your legs (hoping you’ll fall and she can get to the food easier, no doubt).

I always tell her she won’t be pleased with the stuff I have to offer when I’m cooking, with me being vegetarian and all, but apparently Mona thinks eating vegetarian is a very appropriate thing for a cat to do.

We already knew she was crazy for sweet corn and chickpeas, but today she took it up another notch:

She was hooking up with some lamb’s lettuce!

Love, M.



Mona has been so good since the move, she’s one brave little kitten.

Mona’s ‘ What’s that?! Did I hear something… What are you doing??? Don’t make me come over there!’ -face

The first few days she was really scared, she hid under the closets and meowed in a way that could break your heart. She choose my mum’s bedroom as her ‘safe place’ and she stayed in the bed hidden under the covers the first day.

But Mona is a tough gal, a bit arrogant too, and on the second day she already decided that if this place was going to be her new home she was going to rule it.

‘Okay I’m too lazy to come over there
so you’d better tell me what’s going on out there!’

Now she walks around like she owns the place, sleeps in every soft and warm corner she can find (preferably beds and radiators) and she is much sweeter and affectionate than we ever thought possible for such a headstrong cat.

She also traded her sleeping place in my mum’s bed for my bed, so now I have to share my bed with this little black ball of fur… well actually it rather seems like she’s willing to share her bed with me than vice versa, at least that’s what she thinks.

Hence the insomnia.
As much as I adore sleeping with a warm and fuzzy kitten, she always manages to fall asleep in the most inconvenient places: on my feet so they get numb, behind my back or on my belly so I can’t turn over to the other side and she always manages to not share the blankets!
It’s pretty obvious who’s in charge in our house 😉

But you simply can’t wake up to this in the morning and still be mad about your disturbed sleeping pattern… sleep is overrated anyway, cuddling with kittens on the other hand is not!

Love, M.

Best Wishes

I wish you all lots of Chocolate on Christmas day!

Mona’d like to say something as well:

This time, I’m prepared!

On Friday’s run the cold startled me, I hadn’t expected it to be that bad and it seemed I was a bit under-dressed.

Not today though, I prepared my outfit yesterday, went on a wild search for something to keep my ears warm in the early morning (and woke up everyone in the process ;)) and I made sure I’d put on some lip balm on my lips before I started my run.

Bring it!
Blurry photograph due to the fact that the sis was only awake for like 2 minutes when I forced her to photograph me a trillion times with the runners’ thumbs up, it’s a miracle she still wanted to join me for a run after that ordeal 😉

Look at that cute shirt, it has hidden mittens!
And it’s blue, what’s not to love?!

7.5 K later…
It was time for a new episode of Breakfast Bake October! 

Mona got high from the baking smells in the house

‘Plum mish mash Bake’

  • 4 T of oats
  • 4 T of whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 t of baking powder
  • half a banana, mashed
  • half a plum, chopped up
  • half a chocolate soy pudding
  • 3 T of soy milk
  • some granola to top it off
Preheat the oven to 200 °C (390 F).
Put everything except the granola together in a bowl and pour the mixture into some greased ramekins. Sprinkle some granola on top and bake them for 20 to 25 minutes.
If you want to elaborate on the chocolate theme you can also add some chocolate chips and/or a couple of teaspoons of cocoa powder.
Happy Sunday,
Love, M.