Mona has been so good since the move, she’s one brave little kitten.

Mona’s ‘ What’s that?! Did I hear something… What are you doing??? Don’t make me come over there!’ -face

The first few days she was really scared, she hid under the closets and meowed in a way that could break your heart. She choose my mum’s bedroom as her ‘safe place’ and she stayed in the bed hidden under the covers the first day.

But Mona is a tough gal, a bit arrogant too, and on the second day she already decided that if this place was going to be her new home she was going to rule it.

‘Okay I’m too lazy to come over there
so you’d better tell me what’s going on out there!’

Now she walks around like she owns the place, sleeps in every soft and warm corner she can find (preferably beds and radiators) and she is much sweeter and affectionate than we ever thought possible for such a headstrong cat.

She also traded her sleeping place in my mum’s bed for my bed, so now I have to share my bed with this little black ball of fur… well actually it rather seems like she’s willing to share her bed with me than vice versa, at least that’s what she thinks.

Hence the insomnia.
As much as I adore sleeping with a warm and fuzzy kitten, she always manages to fall asleep in the most inconvenient places: on my feet so they get numb, behind my back or on my belly so I can’t turn over to the other side and she always manages to not share the blankets!
It’s pretty obvious who’s in charge in our house 😉

But you simply can’t wake up to this in the morning and still be mad about your disturbed sleeping pattern… sleep is overrated anyway, cuddling with kittens on the other hand is not!

Love, M.


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