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Challenge: Stop making Excuses

Or, as Nike would say: Just do it! I am the best at making excuses not to do things, you should hear the arguments I get into with myself sometimes. The lazy me almost always wins and I almost always … Continue reading

Challenge: Take Care of Yourself

Hey guys, no worries, I am still alive and kicking. I just spent the past week on a tropical island drinking mojitos, scuba diving, taking naps on the beach and dancing the night away. I wish! No actually I spent … Continue reading

Challenge: Become the Person you want to be

Hey guys, meet my new scrapbook: Already filled with a load of Rome souvenirs. And before you ask, yes those things up high ¬†on the right side are little bills. The only thing I still have to do is print … Continue reading

The Big Challenge

Hey you guys, I hope everyone is doing fine! I’ve been having a lot of response from people on posts lately and I’ve notice I truly like interacting with you guys! This also made me think of something, as much … Continue reading

Yoga Marathon

So as announced before, I participated in a yoga marathon to raise money for enbloc4cancer¬†yesterday and it was an amazing experience. We had four classes and a 15 minute break between each class to get something to drink or go … Continue reading

Mondays and Radical Self Love

I’m usually not such a Monday person, but this Monday has been great! * Warning: an extremely random post will appear when you scroll down * I started of the day with a breakfast date with my dad and the … Continue reading