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Reconnect with your Intuition

One of the great books I read while being MIA was ‘Intuitive Eating’

A lot of things became clear while reading this.
I realised that although I was not on a diet in the strict sense of that word, I still was thinking of food in a very black and white way, eating things I thought I should be eating in the amount I thought that was appropriate, letting my mind dictate my eating habits instead of my body.

The bottom line is that I deprived myself, not just from sweets and stuff, but mostly from those (scary little?) carbs. As a result I felt more and more out of control around a lot of food and overate like there would be no tomorrow. Add the stress of moving and examinations to that and you know how a monster gets created.

I knew something had to change but I also thought that I just had to be more strict and have more willpower to eat the healthy things and everything would be fine in the end. Well guess what, the more harsh you get on yourself, the more likely it is that it is not going to work out.

And this is where I thought about ordering that intuitive eating book I read about a couple of times, couldn’t hurt right?

It turns out to be a life saviour!

It might seem paradoxical but as soon as you are truly willing to let yourself eat anything you want, the undeniable urge to eat  everything in your cabinets vanishes. While I’m still in the first phase of intuitive eating and thus still experimenting with that ‘unconditional permission to eat things’ (i.e. eat sweets just to prove to myself that I really can) I notice I haven’t been craving sweets and carbs like I used to and can eat smaller portions of them than I could ever before and feel satisfied while doing it.

I’ll definitely keep you posted about the process!

Love, M.


Challenge: Become the Person you want to be

Hey guys, meet my new scrapbook:

Already filled with a load of Rome souvenirs. And before you ask, yes those things up high  on the right side are little bills. The only thing I still have to do is print some photographs and get them in there as well.

For me a new scrapbook also seems to bring the opportunity to give some thought about new goals.

This, together with the beginning of a new month (I like the idea of a clean sleet) and some insights I gained in my own personality during my trip in Rome made me eager to think about what kind of person I’d like to be: what kind of things I’d like to keep doing or start doing, which characteristics I like about myself and should develop, which characteristics I loath about my self.

This is one key line that characterised what I wrote down while thinking these things over: I have to have more faith in people and have to stop being afraid to let people in. I have to start live my life instead of planning and imagining it.

Challenge for you guys: take a moment to think about the kind of person you are and the kind of person you’d like to be. Start a scrapbook. Don’t over think things, just do them.

Love, M.