Challenge: Become the Person you want to be

Hey guys, meet my new scrapbook:

Already filled with a load of Rome souvenirs. And before you ask, yes those things up high  on the right side are little bills. The only thing I still have to do is print some photographs and get them in there as well.

For me a new scrapbook also seems to bring the opportunity to give some thought about new goals.

This, together with the beginning of a new month (I like the idea of a clean sleet) and some insights I gained in my own personality during my trip in Rome made me eager to think about what kind of person I’d like to be: what kind of things I’d like to keep doing or start doing, which characteristics I like about myself and should develop, which characteristics I loath about my self.

This is one key line that characterised what I wrote down while thinking these things over: I have to have more faith in people and have to stop being afraid to let people in. I have to start live my life instead of planning and imagining it.

Challenge for you guys: take a moment to think about the kind of person you are and the kind of person you’d like to be. Start a scrapbook. Don’t over think things, just do them.

Love, M.


2 responses to “Challenge: Become the Person you want to be

  1. I prefer to start a blog. 😉

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