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Birthday Cake November: Recap

Oh dear, it’s already December! Time is flying by and everything just gets busier and busier! But before totally focusing on December here’s what November looked like: It started with a dream and the perfect Chocolate Pie in ‘de Werf’ … Continue reading

Chocolate Mousse Pie

  I know, it looks like an ordinary glass of chocolate mousse, not like a pie. But bear with me for a moment, I’m calling on your imagination. This chocolate mousse can (and, in our household, will very often) turn … Continue reading

Some Things that made me go: ‘Hooray!’

1. Crazy Fruit Salad Combinations Pink Lady Apple, Khaki (persimon), kiwi, avocado 2. Yoga Member Card I am falling in love with yoga all over again, deciding to try yoga classes might just be the best decision I made this … Continue reading

La Tarte de Madame Odile

La Tarte de Madame Odile, or a tart with pear and frangipane, is definitely one of my favourites so it deserves a place of honour in the Birthday Cake November series. ‘La Tarte de Madame Odile’ Frangipane: 100 gr ( a … Continue reading

Le Parfait, c’est Parfait

This pun was bound to happen with me eating all those parfaits lately. Here’s this morning’s creation: ‘Grape and Jelly Oat Parfait’ For the oats: cook about 3/4 of a cup of oats in loads of water to get a … Continue reading

It’s my Party and I’ll blog if I want to

Once upon a time there was this little girl who was obsessed with birthdays. Well, not with all birthdays of course,  just with her birthday to be more specific. She’d always start mentioning her birthday somewhere in June, even though … Continue reading

Breakfast Bake October: Recap

For those of you who lived under a rock for the past month and/or hadn’t noticed yet: October was all about breakfast bakes. Here’s a little recap of the bakes that passed the revue this month: Spiced Jelly Breakfast Bake Harvest … Continue reading