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Birthday Cake November: Recap

Oh dear, it’s already December!
Time is flying by and everything just gets busier and busier!

But before totally focusing on December here’s what November looked like:

It started with a dream and the perfect Chocolate Pie in ‘de Werf’
and it was followed by an enormous fail in baking land…

And then there were of course the cakes as presented on the Birthday itself:


La Tarte de Madame Odile

Chocolate Mousse Pie

December is going to be a pretty busy month and I won’t really be able to enjoy the Holidays, our ‘blok’ starts during the holidays so we get 3 weeks off from uni to study for our exams followed by 3 week of actually taking exams.

So December’s theme isn’t going to be about Christmas. It’s going to be in the theme of Hotspot December: I’m going to show you my favourite food related places in Leuven (in case you ever get the chance to visit Belgium!).

Love, M.

Chocolate Mousse Pie


I know, it looks like an ordinary glass of chocolate mousse, not like a pie.
But bear with me for a moment, I’m calling on your imagination.

This chocolate mousse can (and, in our household, will very often) turn into a phenomenal chocolate mousse pie.But unfortunately there’s no footage of this, cause it always disappears to fast to photograph.

When we made it for my birthday (you know, Birthday Cake November, that’s why there’s constantly pie and cake all over this blog ;)) we couldn’t be bothered by making an actually pie and just ate the chocolate mousse an sich…
right after we made it…
and maybe still out of the mixing bowl.

‘Chocolate Mousse Pie’

  • 250 gr (1 cup) of butter
  • 180 gr chocolate
  • 100 gr (1/2 a cup) of sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 l milk
  • 60 gr (1/3 a cup) of vanilla pudding powder
  • some boudoir cookies (or any cookies of your choice, boudoirs just work nice when you have a round cake form)
  • cake form

In a food processor knead the butter, the sugar and the egg yolks. Melt the chocolate in the meantime and add it to that mixture.

Make unsweetened vanilla pudding with the vanilla powder and milk according to the directions on the package (but without adding any sugar to it, though it might be mentioned on the package). Place the casserole in ice-cold water to cool it, make sure to keep stirring through it, so you won’t get any clots.
You could use premade vanilla pudding as well, but since that is sweetened already you should cut back on the sugar in the recipe and I don’t really know how that would work out…

Add the cold pudding to the chocolate mixture, process the
egg whites  to a solid foam and  fold them under.

So, this is how you make the chocolate mousse.
To create a cake out of this, pour the chocolate mousse in a cake form and line the boudoirs (or other cookies of your choice) at the outlines of that form, while pressing them into the mousse (they have to be able to stand up straight on their own against the sides of your cake form).

Eventually it’ll look a bit like this:


Put the pie in the fridge overnight. When everything goes according to plan, you’ll be able to cut pie pieces out of this the next day.

Love, M.

Some Things that made me go: ‘Hooray!’

1. Crazy Fruit Salad Combinations

Pink Lady Apple, Khaki (persimon), kiwi, avocado

2. Yoga Member Card

I am falling in love with yoga all over again, deciding to try yoga classes might just be the best decision I made this year.

3. New Tea Flavours

Caramel flavoured tea

4. Leftover Pasta

Why is it pasta leftovers always taste that much better than the fresh dish??
Cannelloni stuffed with ricotta cheese, carrots, spinach, zucchini and cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce and rosemary on top.

5. Chickpea Discovery

Steamed Chickpeas: more of the vitamins, less of the sodium!

6. Late Birthday Presents

Someone knows how to make my day!

7. Quick snacks that turn out to be pretty

Kefir with chocolate granola, flax seeds and swirls of cinnamon

8. Peanut butter with more peanuts!

93%, it’s the highest percentage I can find around here

9. ‘The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake’

I borrowed (*ahum* stole) it from Daphne, so sad, so good… I can’t stop reading it

10. Chocolate Mousse


Not just any chocolate mousse though, and something special happened to it as well, more about it on this weeks Birthday Cake November entry 😉

11. Favourite Mug Ever

It tells you to ‘Make every day a happy day’
Well, thank you, I’ll try, you have a nice day as well!

Love, M.