Some Things that made me go: ‘Hooray!’

1. Crazy Fruit Salad Combinations

Pink Lady Apple, Khaki (persimon), kiwi, avocado

2. Yoga Member Card

I am falling in love with yoga all over again, deciding to try yoga classes might just be the best decision I made this year.

3. New Tea Flavours

Caramel flavoured tea

4. Leftover Pasta

Why is it pasta leftovers always taste that much better than the fresh dish??
Cannelloni stuffed with ricotta cheese, carrots, spinach, zucchini and cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce and rosemary on top.

5. Chickpea Discovery

Steamed Chickpeas: more of the vitamins, less of the sodium!

6. Late Birthday Presents

Someone knows how to make my day!

7. Quick snacks that turn out to be pretty

Kefir with chocolate granola, flax seeds and swirls of cinnamon

8. Peanut butter with more peanuts!

93%, it’s the highest percentage I can find around here

9. ‘The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake’

I borrowed (*ahum* stole) it from Daphne, so sad, so good… I can’t stop reading it

10. Chocolate Mousse


Not just any chocolate mousse though, and something special happened to it as well, more about it on this weeks Birthday Cake November entry 😉

11. Favourite Mug Ever

It tells you to ‘Make every day a happy day’
Well, thank you, I’ll try, you have a nice day as well!

Love, M.


6 responses to “Some Things that made me go: ‘Hooray!’

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    We have many things in common, when it comes to favorite tastes 🙂 Lately I have been enjoying khaki as well! I love caramel flavoured teas, especially caramel rooibos, it is the best 🙂 I am glad I can buy 100 percent peanut butter here, but I usually make my own, then I am certain that it really is 100 percent 🙂 Have you ever tried making your own nut butter? On the other said, you are lucky to have steamed chickpeas over there, because we have only that extra salty stuff here 😦
    That book is currently one of my favorite, it is such a moving story. I chose it mainly because of the title and cover (mine has a pretty illustrated cover), but I am glad I bought it, because the “inside” of the book is amazing as well!

    • Woohoo, soul mates! I’ve never tried to make my own nut butters, is it messy?? I’d like to try it but I’m afraid to ruin my blender with it.. maybe I should give it a go next time! It’s such a brilliant book, it’s so sad but I can’t stop reading it at the same time 🙂

      • Lenna (veganlenna)

        The first time I made a nut butter, it was super messy and I thought I would never clean the kitchen 😀 However I have learned some tricks 🙂 I always leave the peanuts/walnuts/whatever soak in water overnight (or even longer), so they get soft. I have only a very cheap and simple hand blender, but it works very well. I put the nuts into a bowl, put the blender into the bowl and then – a trick 🙂 – I put a kitchen towel over the top of the bowl, so there´s no free space and the peanuts can´t jump out of the bowl. Simple, but it works. I like that I can add various stuff to the butter – cocoa, cinnamon, sea salt, molasses etc. It is a very creative work 😀

      • Okay, I definitely have to try this, sounds like so much fun! I’ll keep your tricks in mind and give it a go this weekend, I’ll let you know how it turned out 😀

  2. I love kefir with chocolate- the tart and the sweet taste so good together

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