It’s my Party and I’ll blog if I want to

Once upon a time there was this little girl who was obsessed with birthdays.
Well, not with all birthdays of course,  just with her birthday to be more specific.
She’d always start mentioning her birthday somewhere in June, even though she actually had to wait till November for all the fun to start.

So she waited and waited for the less exciting months to pass and in the meantime thought about all the great stuff she wanted to do on her birthday and gifts she’d like to receive.

She fantasized about cakes, candles, balloons, friends, birthday parties and puppies. She never actually got that puppy, although she mentioned every year she really,really,really would like to get a puppie for her birthday. She now has to do with an arrogant cat instead, but that’s okay, cause it gave her unlimited cuddle time as a birthday present.

The night before her birthday she could hardly fall asleep because she was too excited. The morning of her birthday she’d always be wide awake before dawn and drive her parents crazy with her ‘Is it time to wake up and have breakfast yet’ and ‘It’s my birthday and I want it to start early’.

Now, this girl is trading in her teens for an age that starts with a 2 and she lost that childhood excitement for birthdays, balloons and cake… and she’s kind of sad about that.

And she won’t admit to anyone that against all better judgements she woke at 5 am today with an excited feeling and a stomach full of butterflies.

So bring on the cake, the presents and the balloons, I’m ready for them!

Love, M
who feels very old because as of today she’ll have to say ’20’ when someone asks for her age 😉 


5 responses to “It’s my Party and I’ll blog if I want to

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Happy birthday, 20 is a great age 😀

  2. Awww I am birthday obsessed too. And you are such a baby compared to John and me!!! 😀 Happy Happier and Happiest Birthday to you!

  3. I’m sorry Maxime, but I’m 15 and 20 look old to my than^^

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