Birthday Cake November: Recap

Oh dear, it’s already December!
Time is flying by and everything just gets busier and busier!

But before totally focusing on December here’s what November looked like:

It started with a dream and the perfect Chocolate Pie in ‘de Werf’
and it was followed by an enormous fail in baking land…

And then there were of course the cakes as presented on the Birthday itself:


La Tarte de Madame Odile

Chocolate Mousse Pie

December is going to be a pretty busy month and I won’t really be able to enjoy the Holidays, our ‘blok’ starts during the holidays so we get 3 weeks off from uni to study for our exams followed by 3 week of actually taking exams.

So December’s theme isn’t going to be about Christmas. It’s going to be in the theme of Hotspot December: I’m going to show you my favourite food related places in Leuven (in case you ever get the chance to visit Belgium!).

Love, M.


5 responses to “Birthday Cake November: Recap

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    I am really looking forward to see your favorite places. I was in Belgium last month, unfortunately not in Leuven, but I still really enjoyed it!
    Too bad you won´t be really enjoying your Holidays, but I have the same “plans” as you actually. It will be a pretty messy Christmas time 😀
    BTW I love all those cakes, I think I am going to buy me a little cake right now 🙂

    • Wow you visisted Belgium? that’s great 🙂 the holidays aren’t really the same with all that studying, I never really noticed how cosy everything was until I couldn’t enjoy it any more because I had to study all the time.

      • Lenna (veganlenna)

        I have seen only the capital city and the airport, but it was really a nice trip 🙂
        That´s such a truth! I think this applies to many things, for example I never noticed how convenient it was to live with my parents until I started to live on my own 😀

  2. Woweee! Love the cakes. Good luck with your exams dear – you will do amazing!
    I love the idea of seeing more of your city too – I’ve never been to Belgium so it will be exciting.

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