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Granola and Cooled Treat

I have a secret to share with you guys….

I kind of have a thing for granola.
Okay, this probably does not come as a surprise when you browse the blog from time to time, but I just had to say it: I love granola! 

And I am proud to admit it! What I am not too proud of though is that lately I’ve also been falling for the high sugary kind…

It starts out with a “They don’t have any “healthy” kinds in my home town corner shop but I really want granola in my yoghurt bowl and a handful won’t kill me, the sis can eat the rest”.
It ends with “Hmmm, what else can I come up with that I can eat that granola with this stuff is credulously good *sugar high*”.

So here’s my consensus:

High sugar granol is great to make amazing (frozen) treats:

Pour about 5 T of chocolate pudding in a container, top with the most unhealthy granola you can find, melt 1 t of peanut butter and drizzle on top. Put in the freezer for about half an hour.

If you want granola with other things (yoghurt bowls etc) make it yourself:

Yoghurt bowl have been my favourite breakfast this last week, due to the tropical conditions in Belgium.

Soy yoghurt (optional: drizzle with some honey);with strawberries, home made granola and “skillet cumble”, i.e. combine 2 T of grated coconut,4 T of oats and some almonds in a skillet on high until golden brown.



One last Week

It’s the final week of classes, the week before the lucky ones among us are privileged enough to be treated with another round of exams.

I just finished and printed my thesis, I’ve been working on some other minor papers and been trying to find some order in the chaos of hand-outs and sheets and sheets of scribbled papers which I call my desk.

I’ve been printing all the documents and articles I refused to print when I needed them, but now I realize I will have to study them anyway.
I went through 2 printer cartridges these  last 24 hours.

I’ve been living on coffee, fresh fruit and veggies with dips, snacks and the occasional meal.

Iced Latte à la maison: brew strong coffee, bonus point if it’s cinnamon coffee. Let cool, pour in a cool container to put it in the fridge (empty Arizona tea bottles are very convenient for this purpose). Pour soy milk (or any milk of choice) on top (about 1/3 or 1/2  of the amount of your coffee). Chill in the fridge and serve with ice cubes.

I haven’t attended a yoga class in a week, but I am doing my very best to make it to one tonight. I haven’t been for a run, but I am running late every day.
I bought an amazing book, but I don’t have time to start to read  it.
I took a couple of photographs but I don’t have time to blog about them.

Yet I am perfectly content and at ease and not even all that stressed in a way.
I owe meditation and uyai- breathing big time.

And as a thanks for letting me ramble for a bit, I present you my favourite treat of the week:

A good treat requires lots of peanut butter on top, obviously!

Dark chocolate heated with a splash a soy milk in the microwave and stirred until it becomes a medium-runny consistency, sprinkle grated coconut on top. Top with yoghurt. Top with granola and smoked almonds (the smoked almonds or not optional!). Top with melted peanut butter.

The ultimate pacifier in a time of deadlines and paper messes!

Love, M.


I never thought I would say this but…
Sometimes even chocolate can disappoint you!

There, I’ve said it!

I was so excited about trying this chocolate, I brought it from the store on Monday and before I even unloaded the other groceries I had to have a piece of it, just to have a taste.

It wasn’t bad… but “not bad” is not what I’m looking for when it comes to chocolate, I’m looking for amazing!
Like the feeling I have every time I eat this chocolate:

It’s so fudgy! So chocolaty! And so bitter sweet! It’s heaven in disguise for sure.

That Côte d’or chocolate was just.. bitter. Don’t get me wrong, the stronger the chocolate the better, but there still has to be a hint of sweet with that bitterness as well. Maybe it had something to do with its structure as well, I just do not seem to like very thin chocolate pieces, I prefer them thick and fudge.

So I spent the rest of the week thinking what on earth I should do with that chocolate and yesterday I had an epiphany: I would make chocolate sauce with it!

Greek yoghurt topped with smoked almonds, granola and “chocolate sauce”

You just take a piece of chocolate, put it in a bowl and splash some milk with it ( this part can be a bit tricky, you don’t want it to be too runny yet not too thick either, so it could take a couple of tries to get the amount of milk right).
You can even add some sweetener if you think the chocolate is too bitter. Microwave for about half a minutes and stir until you have a sauce.

Hummus oats are back!
Now in an improved version with chocolate dipping on top

Love, M.

It’s a Pancake kinda Day

I’ve been thinking about pancakes since yesterday evening’s ashtanga class.
I know yoga should be about letting go and focusing on the postures and stuff, but I couldn’t help it, pancakes were on my mind!

I probably dreamed about pancakes too… and I woke up super early, glad to see it was a pancake kind of day: I bit gloomy, a bit grey, perfect Pancake weather!

‘Coconut Oat Pancakes’
makes 4 big or 8 to 10 small ones

  • 5 T of oats
  • 2 T of unsweetened coconut
  • 3 T of yoghurt
  • a generous amount of coconut milk
  • one egg
  • optional: 1 t of sweetener of choice, cinnamon

Toppings: melted peanut butter, half a banana, granola with chocolate chips and smoked almonds.

Mix together the oats and the coconut, add the yoghurt, egg and milk and whisk together until everything is combined. Fry in a skillet on high in some olive oil.

I wanted to make a couple of big pancakes first ( about 5 T of dough per pancake), but things started to get messy when I tried to flip those so I went with tiny pancakes instead (1 a 2 T per pancake).

Bonus points for those cause they are easier to stack.

Love, M.

Nostalgic Breakfast

We used to get dessert after every meal we ate at our nanna’s house.
And we spent there a lot of time with both of the parents working and our mum working a night shift.

The sis always wanted to eat vanilla pudding with chocolate sprinkles, but my favourite dessert was rice pudding or chocolate pudding with a cookie on the bottom. Since there was some leftover rice from yesterday’s lunch I know I wanted to do something with that for breakfast, my two old-time favourite desserts inspired this breakfast idea!

‘Overnight Rice Pudding Breakfast’

  • 8 T of leftover rice (already cooked)
  • 1 T of shredded coconut
  • 1 T of flaxseeds
  • cinnamon
  • optional: half a mashed banana
  • a container of soy yoghurt
  • a sprinkle of soy milk
  • 2 T of granola

Combine all the ingredients except the granola in a container and put them in a fridge overnight. The next morning, stir in some extra milk. Sprinkle the granola  on the bottom of a jar and layer with the rice pudding.

Even back in the old days I did not really like it when the cookie on the bottom of the pudding got all mushy, so I would only eat the cookie pudding when it was just made. If you do like mushy cookies, or granola in this case, you can also do the layering the night before and place the granola topped with the rice pudding in the fridge to chill overnight.

Love, M.

What’s Cooking

I’ve been super busy and super stressed this week, all this work: papers, classes I neglected, an Old English translation exam… and trying to keep practising yoga, to run from time to time and not to neglect my social life too much.

I spent most of my time in class rooms or the library and ate lots of strawberries and soup.

Some highlights this week:

1. Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien.

2. Visiting Ghent, falling in love with it and seeing the musical our class mates organized, Socrates Superstar was amazing, especially if you’re into ‘Classical’ jokes!

3.  Being able to justify reading the Hunger Games again as I’m doing my human animal paper on the series

4. My first real Ashtanga class, including the chanting (never did that before) 

5. Eating pizza, drinking port and singing nostalgic songs

6. Food:

Okra!! Why aren’t you available in my local shop??
I had to drive to the Netherlands to get some okra, and it was all worth it.

I tried bulghur for the first time in my life.

The new love of my life: whole grain granola with no added sugar!

Soy milk with macchiato flavour

Pumpkin bread with cottage cheese and cinnamon.

That’s about as random as it can get!


Packing and Baking

What I tried to do today:

Translate some Virgil and snack on some grapes before going into a total frenzy with ‘to do’ and ‘to pack’ lists.

What I actually did today:

I snacked on some yoghurt with fresh pineapple and grated coconut while watching Pan Am.

I drove over to my dad’s house twice. The first time I went there to pick up some clothes I needed for packing,the second time I was on a secret mission to steal the peanut butter jar (you’ll see way I needed that peanut butter jar in a minute).

I went for a run in the blistering heat (well, maybe “blistering heat” is a bit exaggerated but it is 20°C over here and the sun is shining like crazy).
I adored it. My yoga teacher (who also trains runners and was a triathlete back in the days) give me the advice to do some sun greetings after my run to help the tightness in my shins and I have to say it works, they felt much better after some yoga!

I took an elaborate shower for over an hour, had lunch and went for a walk with my mum.

I decided I needed to bake some granola bars to take with me on the trip:

The photograph doesn’t do them justice, they don’t even look edible like this but I swear: these taste amazing.
Speaking of photographs, sorry for the bad quality, all photographs today were taking with my phone since my camera is already packed and sealed!

‘Pumpkin Seed and Almond Granola Bars’
makes 5 bars

  • 2 T peanut butter
  • 2 T maple syrup
  • 2 T vegetable oil
  • a couple of handfuls of almonds, halved
  • a couple of handfuls of pumpkin seeds
  • a couple of handfuls of walnuts
  • 40 gr of oats ( about 8 T)
  • optional: flax seeds, chocolate chips, dried fruit

Preheat the oven to 170°C (340 F).
Melt the peanut butter, maple syrup and vegetable oil in the microwave. Fold the nuts and oats under this mixture.
Line a cookie sheet with wax paper, sprinkle some olive oil on top. Make 5 bars out of the dough on the cookie sheet, bake for 25 minutes.

Mona’s face when she smelled the granola bars.

My mum and I snacked on the first batch and I decided we were in need of a second batch as well, but we were all out of peanut butter, hence the sneaking to my dad’s place and stealing the peanut butter jar.

And then I finally decided to tackle the packing frenzy…
First I had to find all the lists of things I had to pack I had been making the last couple of weeks.

Toilet bag and hand bag, my other luggage is still too much of a mess to show on the world wide web, and I don’t think the whole world should see my panties and pyjamas either.

Mona’s face while owner was dealing with packing frenzy
“I don’t even care where you left that pair of socks, just let me sleep!”

Well then, I guess this is goodbye, I’ll see you back next Friday !
 Arrivederci! Love, M.