College Girl’s Meal Planning – Third week of October

Hey guys, ready for a brand new week??

Okay, this week I’ll be trying something new and exciting, I’m going to attempt to marinade and fry (and preferably eat too ;)) my own tofu.
I got inspired by this recipe on Healthy Tipping Point and I’m thinking about using olive oil, soy sauce, honey and some herbs I have lying around, I really hope it’ll work out!

Meal Plan

Monday: a good old quinoa salad with chickpeas and tomatoes
Tuesday: tofu dinner numero uno: marinated tofu with quinoa
Wednesday: tofu dinner numero duo: tofu with stir fried veggies
Thursday: tofu lunch: leftover salad of tofu and veggies and a sandwich for dinner so I can eat it in class

Snacks: Green apples, bananas, greek yoghurt and khaki, kiwi fruit, carrot sticks and quinoa parfait

Grocery List

* Oatmeal : I’m almost out of oatmeal, this can not be happening for real!!
* Lambs lettuce: the usual
* Tofu: obviously 😉
* Veggies to stir fry: I think I’ll just buy a mix, cause when I have to buy all of the veggies separately  I’ll have food for a month instead of a week 
* Hummus: Hummus melts are back baby!
* A can of chickpeas
* Tomatoes
* Greek Yoghurt
* Soy Milk
*Apples, nanas, kiwi fruit, khaki 

I still have quinoa and I brought some bread from home, so let’s get this show on the road, shall we?
Have a glorious week!


2 responses to “College Girl’s Meal Planning – Third week of October

  1. Also, if you get silken tofu you can make a chocolate mousse! I know you love to bake! Can’t wait to see your creations – I am dying to make the chickpea salad!

    • There was only one kind of tofu, so I’m not really sure whether it’s silken or not (Belgium still isn’t all that great in having vegetarian options in their shops, it would be such a pain being vegan here…)
      I’d really love to try some baking with tofu, I’ve seen so many great recipes that call for tofu!

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