College Girl’s Meal Planning – First week of October

This week I’ll be working with Quinoa to incorporate into my meals.

Tuesday I’m invited by someone who’s going to make me dinner so I don’t have to worry about what I’ll eat for dinner on Tuesday, on Thursday we have a little get together with some people from school with snacks and drinks so I’ll eat something light before I go there.

For breakfast I’m going to use the staples I have lying around (oats,maybe some quinoa too or french toast if I feel like it) or I’ll use the veggies I bought for my salads and lunches to create Green Monsters.

Meal Plan

Monday:  Quinoa with veggies and a piece of salmon (or other kind of fish)
Tuesday: Veggies to make a sandwich for lunch ; dining out
Wednesday: Quinoa with cherry tomatoes,chickpeas and mozzarella or canned tuna (cold) (I’ve been trying to cut back the cheese a bit so I’ll probably use canned tuna but the original recipe is meant to be with mozzarella)
Thursday: Salad
Friday: on Fridays I eat my dinner at home, so it depends on what my mum is planning on making

Snacks: a couple of apples, 2 containers of Greek yoghurt, home-made Autumn spiced muffins, quinoa parfait

This all results in this grocery list:

* Quinoa : for 2 dinners and 1 snack: you can cook the amount of quinoa you’ll be using that week on Monday and use the leftovers for your other meals and snacks
* Lamb’s lettuce : for lunch sandwiches, salad on Thursday and some Green Monsters
*Cherry tomatoes : for sandwiches, salad on Thursday, quinoa salad on Wednesday and maybe some for snacking
* Salmon or other type of fish: for Monday’s dinner and maybe some leftovers for on Tuesday’s sandwich
* zucchini, yellow pepper, aubergine etc: for Monday’s dinner and to use for lunch (salads or sandwiches)
tip: you can use veggies that are in season to save money or buy stuff that’s on promotion 

* can of chickpeas: for Monday’s and Tuesday’s dinner
(* mozzarella: for Thursday’s dinner, maybe some for on a sandwich or to use in a salad; for on a “pizza” on toast for lunch, I still have canned tomato purée in my pantry and plenty of veggies for topping)
* 2 containers of Greek yoghurt
* apples, bananas, tangerines, maybe some nectarines
* Soy milk


3 responses to “College Girl’s Meal Planning – First week of October

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  2. Missed this really helpful post. It’s my October goal to be better about menu planning to save money and to collect more recipes – and I really like how you plan. I give into cravings – instead of cauliflower I want eggplant – and end up scrapping my original plans so I’m hoping this will make me more disciplined about sticking to my endless lists too!

    • Lists are only fun when you can cross things off instead of have to keep adding things 😉 I tried to keep to the menu as much as I can, but sometimes you just have to give in to what your craving, no point in eating one thing for a whole week when you’re actually not feeling like eating it in the first place, so it’s important not to be to rigid about it as well (it’s hard to steer a middle course though!)

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