College Girl’s Meal Planning – Second week of October

Hey guys, here’s a little info about what’s on the menu this week and my grocery list: no theme this week, I just worked around the meal I’d like to have on Tuesday night, so let’s have a look, shall we?

Meal Plan

Monday: Daphne made some delicious soup this weekend and I brought some to eat for dinner with some toast and melted hummus
Tuesday: Risotto with sweet potato (I’ve never cooked anything with sweet potato so I don’t know if those flavours work, I’d really like to try it though)
Wednesday: Risotto leftovers with a side salad of lamb’s lettuce, tomato and tangerines (yep, I’m still addicted to that salad ;))
Thursday: Planning on doing something with the leftover veggies or maybe a ‘semi -pizza’ on a slice of bread
Friday: Mum’s courtesy

Snacks: apples, bananas and soy yoghurt, some Greek yoghurt with kiwi fruit, carrot sticks, something with an avocado?

Grocery list

* Risotto Rice
* Grated Cheese : for the risotto
*Paper hand kerchiefsI’m getting a cold, my head feels like it’s filled with cotton wool
* Z
ucchini, aubergine, cherry tomatoes : for  salads later on this week and sandwiches for lunch
* Avocado : I’m planning on eating avocado on toast every day, oooh avocado, how I’ve missed your yummy goodness!
Sweet potato : To try or not to try?? I’d like to use it in my risotto, maybe one topped with some Greek yoghurt for another lunch/dinner and I’d love to try it in oatmeal
 Lamb’s lettuce : for salads, Green monsters… the usual
* Greek Yoghurt: for the Green monsters, snacks and maybe on the sweet potato that I still not know whether I’m going to buy it
* Apples, bananas, tangerines, kiwi fruit
* Soy milk! 

I still have oats and nuts in my pantry, and I brought some bread from home so it seems we’re ready to roll!


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