‘Real Happiness: the Power of Meditation’ – Introductory Post

First of all: there’s nothing ‘floaty’ or religious about meditation.
And it has nothing to do with drugs either 😉
it’s just about focusing and breathing (although you can also meditate on sound, feeling etc).
I’m sorry if I already disappointed some of you now 😉

‘If you can breathe, you can meditate
that’s the main theme of the book.

Meditation has nothing to do with competition or boasting.
It’s not about ‘I can focus for 15 minutes on breathing without thinking of anything else’, because you can’t!
No one can, and honestly, no one ever will.
That’s a good thing too, because it isn’t about teaching you to focus on stuff for as long as possible.
It’s about acknowledging that your thoughts drift off . It makes you able to let go of things by letting go of your thoughts and returning to your focus point. (more on this in the post about ‘Week One: Focus’).

Meditation is kind on you, it teaches you to be kind on yourself and others too.
Meditation is selfless. This seems like a paradox but by focusing on yourself and on letting thoughts be as they are without judging them, you’ll be less likely to judge yourself and you’ll be nicer to yourself. Consequently you’ll learn to be kinder and easier on other people as well.

Meditation is about all things volatile and ending.
It shows us that bad emotions won’t stay with us forever, it also shows us that this is the same with good emotions ( ‘this too shall pass’). It teaches us not the shun the bad and not to hold on to the good, but to just experience things and let them go as they’ve reached their end.
Meditation teaches us we can’t control everything and helps us to accept thing the way they are.

For me personally, meditation is way to let go of my tension and fears. It gives me the opportunity to just ‘be’.
It’s a break during a busy day and it’s also the time in which I come up with the most brilliant ideas and insights – which is quite paradoxical: on moments you’re not supposed to think, your mind just creeps up on you and shows you the stuff you normally wouldn’t see -.

Next post in this subject will be about the first week of the meditation program, in which to focus lies on concentration.

Love, M.


9 responses to “‘Real Happiness: the Power of Meditation’ – Introductory Post

  1. It’s also very good for your body, mind and spirit. Your body can heal itself and knows how to do so, but meditation gets you in a better space to heal and regain its center.

    And you can do it anywhere. No special equipment or expensive memberships required 🙂


  2. I hate sitting with my own thoughts – you should see me during yoga. I think with practice though, I can definitely get more comfortable letting stuff in and letting stuff go.

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