On ‘Real Happiness: the Power of Meditation’

Warning: this is a post with just two picture in it and a lot of words 😉
It is also a post without chocolate or PB to distract you, cause it is kind of a book review…

No seriously, if you’re interested in meditation or trying to find something to release tension and to become more contented this can be quite useful. 

‘Real Happiness: the Power of Meditation – a 28day program’ by Sharon Salzberg has been a real lifesaver these past couple of weeks.
I’m planning on telling you all about the general idea of the book and the program, but first I’d like to give you a little more background on my personal life, so you guys can understand where my urge to read this book, start the program and ultimately write this post came from.

For those of you who just want to know about the book, scroll down, after the picture with the cover I’ll shut up about me and start talking about the program 😉

So, about my life… the fact is that my parents decided to get a divorce a month ago and we’re all going through a bit of a rough period. My mum, my sis and I are going to move to a little house a couple of miles away but there’s still someone living there atm so we’re still all living together in one house, which can get kind of ‘tense’ at moments.
From mid-September till July I live in a studio in Leuven during the week so I can attend my classes and I come home for the weekends, but during the summer holidays I’m at home for almost 3 months. Consequently I’m really affected by all of this because I’m at home all the time now, and have the ‘privilege’ the have a front row seat for this show.

Since I’m a very sensitive person and my ‘karma’ seems to pick up every bit of frustration that’s around, I got really upset, tired and snappy to everyone around my, I just couldn’t deal with all the tension and me being some kind of referee for my parents…

This is were meditation comes in!
Meditiation helped me quite a bit to let all of the tension go and find some peace and quiet (remember the mini-break about a week ago, I really needed it and I started the program from the book there).
I’m more balanced and relaxed than I’ve been in months now.

This book starts out with two introductory chapters dealing with the general idea of ‘what is meditation’ and the benefits of meditation. The following chapters are part of the 28day program to start meditation yourself.

In week one the focus will be on concentration, week 2 deals with mindfulness and your body, week three is also all about mindfulness but about mindfulness and emotions and the last week’s theme is loving kindness.
A final chapter  is full of tips on how to keep on meditating after you’ve finished to program.

Now, what I’m planning to do is to write an introductory post  about meditation and things this book taught me and helped me with. I’d also like to give a review of every week of the program after I’ve finished it with some general guidelines and my own findings.

Next post on this subject will be an introductory post on meditation and the book in general, so keep posted!

There’ll still be recipe/food posts and snapshot posts in the meantime, no worries 😉, the blog isn’t going to be just about meditation and stuff
Love, M.


6 responses to “On ‘Real Happiness: the Power of Meditation’

  1. I think this is really interesting and cool and hope you do more posts on the book and your practice – we could all benefit from being more mindful and I know I would love to fight my monkey mind!

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