It’s a Pancake kinda Day

I’ve been thinking about pancakes since yesterday evening’s ashtanga class.
I know yoga should be about letting go and focusing on the postures and stuff, but I couldn’t help it, pancakes were on my mind!

I probably dreamed about pancakes too… and I woke up super early, glad to see it was a pancake kind of day: I bit gloomy, a bit grey, perfect Pancake weather!

‘Coconut Oat Pancakes’
makes 4 big or 8 to 10 small ones

  • 5 T of oats
  • 2 T of unsweetened coconut
  • 3 T of yoghurt
  • a generous amount of coconut milk
  • one egg
  • optional: 1 t of sweetener of choice, cinnamon

Toppings: melted peanut butter, half a banana, granola with chocolate chips and smoked almonds.

Mix together the oats and the coconut, add the yoghurt, egg and milk and whisk together until everything is combined. Fry in a skillet on high in some olive oil.

I wanted to make a couple of big pancakes first ( about 5 T of dough per pancake), but things started to get messy when I tried to flip those so I went with tiny pancakes instead (1 a 2 T per pancake).

Bonus points for those cause they are easier to stack.

Love, M.


12 responses to “It’s a Pancake kinda Day

  1. In picture, it not look very tasty, but I know it is…

  2. Sweet pancakes… I do feel like eating one right now, hehehe

  3. Yum- I love anything with coconut 🙂

  4. Ooh, looks good! I like the idea of a straight-up oatmeal pancake (without flour).

    • I don’t have any flour in my dorm so when I feel like having pancakes when I’m there I make them with just oatmeal and they always turn out just fine 🙂

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  6. They look amazing! Instead of oats I use grounded almonds 🙂 I literally love pancakes!!!

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