Granola and Cooled Treat

I have a secret to share with you guys….

I kind of have a thing for granola.
Okay, this probably does not come as a surprise when you browse the blog from time to time, but I just had to say it: I love granola! 

And I am proud to admit it! What I am not too proud of though is that lately I’ve also been falling for the high sugary kind…

It starts out with a “They don’t have any “healthy” kinds in my home town corner shop but I really want granola in my yoghurt bowl and a handful won’t kill me, the sis can eat the rest”.
It ends with “Hmmm, what else can I come up with that I can eat that granola with this stuff is credulously good *sugar high*”.

So here’s my consensus:

High sugar granol is great to make amazing (frozen) treats:

Pour about 5 T of chocolate pudding in a container, top with the most unhealthy granola you can find, melt 1 t of peanut butter and drizzle on top. Put in the freezer for about half an hour.

If you want granola with other things (yoghurt bowls etc) make it yourself:

Yoghurt bowl have been my favourite breakfast this last week, due to the tropical conditions in Belgium.

Soy yoghurt (optional: drizzle with some honey);with strawberries, home made granola and “skillet cumble”, i.e. combine 2 T of grated coconut,4 T of oats and some almonds in a skillet on high until golden brown.



4 responses to “Granola and Cooled Treat

  1. Yum! I love the frozen treat idea.

  2. The frozen idea is great!

  3. I tried mixing granola with vanilla yogurt once and it failed miserably. Way too much sugar. I couldn’t even stomach it. You make it with your own granola?

    • Vanilla yoghurt is usual way to sweet for me too, I don’t even care for vanilla much, I’d much rather eat a ‘nice’ natural yoghurt.What kind of granola I use depends on what I have on hand (if there’s fresh made granola on hand I can’t turn it down) and what I’m feeling like eating, sometimes I just want the sugary stuff and that’s okay as well as long as it doesn’t become a habit 🙂

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