You know you’re a bit weird when…

You get more excited about food shopping at a natural food store than about shopping for clothes.

Yeah, that’s what happened yesterday.
In my defence: I have been wanting to visit that food store for ages now and when I’m studying 24/7 every excuse to get out of the house will become an exciting road trip.

So here are the new goodies:

Millet, I’ve never had this before

Another thing I’ve never tried before: almond butter!
And jelly with absolutely no added sugar, it’s made with agave and the natural sugar from the fruit.Ā 

And the thing I am most excited about: yogi tea!
I had a hard time picking a flavour but I decided to go with the ginseng one cause I remember enjoying that at my yoga studio.

Afterwards we also went to a ‘normal’ food store, but one we only go to once in a couple of months so I had to stock up on all the things you can’t find around here:

Some treats: natural liquorice and Lindt 85% chocolate.
The ingredient list of both is just amazing, the liquorice only contains 4 ingredients ( melasse, wheatflour, liquorice extract and natural aniseed oil), the chocolate only contains 6 ingredients ( cocoa paste, cocoa, cocoa butter, brown sugar and a natural Bourbon vanilla-pod).

And did I mention that that chocolate is delicious!!

Food shopping spree with a happy ending indeed šŸ˜‰

Love, M.


9 responses to “You know you’re a bit weird when…

  1. I love millet! And I’m the same way, food shopping is so much more exciting than clothes shopping (most of the time!)

  2. Natural Foods stores are never disappointing like clothes shopping can be. Looks like you scored some great finds!

  3. I would totally rather shop at a health food store than mall shopping any day! All these goodies look amazing šŸ™‚

  4. I recently bought millet too. It’s apparently very good for you! Any ideas of what to do with it or recipes?

    • I can’t help but think it would be great for breakfast (I’d prepare it like oatmeal, just cook it in milk (or half milk,half water) according to the directions on the pack or cook some with water the night before and reheat it with some milk in the microwave, add nuts, fruit, granola, nut butter.. to make it fun), I’ve also made it with broccoli, lentils and hummus, which worked out quite nice. Or you can add a ratatouille of veggies you like (maybe even with fruit to eat it as a snack or as a fresh summery side) of I come up with more ideas I’ll definitely let you know šŸ™‚

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