I never thought I would say this but…
Sometimes even chocolate can disappoint you!

There, I’ve said it!

I was so excited about trying this chocolate, I brought it from the store on Monday and before I even unloaded the other groceries I had to have a piece of it, just to have a taste.

It wasn’t bad… but “not bad” is not what I’m looking for when it comes to chocolate, I’m looking for amazing!
Like the feeling I have every time I eat this chocolate:

It’s so fudgy! So chocolaty! And so bitter sweet! It’s heaven in disguise for sure.

That Côte d’or chocolate was just.. bitter. Don’t get me wrong, the stronger the chocolate the better, but there still has to be a hint of sweet with that bitterness as well. Maybe it had something to do with its structure as well, I just do not seem to like very thin chocolate pieces, I prefer them thick and fudge.

So I spent the rest of the week thinking what on earth I should do with that chocolate and yesterday I had an epiphany: I would make chocolate sauce with it!

Greek yoghurt topped with smoked almonds, granola and “chocolate sauce”

You just take a piece of chocolate, put it in a bowl and splash some milk with it ( this part can be a bit tricky, you don’t want it to be too runny yet not too thick either, so it could take a couple of tries to get the amount of milk right).
You can even add some sweetener if you think the chocolate is too bitter. Microwave for about half a minutes and stir until you have a sauce.

Hummus oats are back!
Now in an improved version with chocolate dipping on top

Love, M.

6 responses to “BitterSweet

  1. What are hummus oats? Sounds interesting!

  2. Ahhhhhh I still need to try hummus oats. I feel like I would love them, seeing as I like nooch oats 🙂

    P.S. I know you’ve been following my old blog, Cura Personalis Foodie for awhile. I’ve since moved blogs and will now be blogging over at if you’re still interested in following 🙂

  3. wahhh?!? hummus oats?? sounds good!

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