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Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces: Crappy Phone Camera Edition.

I’d like to start on the note that the weather in Belgium has been extremely weird: it’s been extremely hot and humid but very grey, rainy and stormlike at the same time. It feels we’re in a rainforest out here, but without the constant sun shine!
As much as I love this kind of chaotic weather (for some reason thunder storms make me feel very alive yet tiny and humble at the same time) I appreciate it much more when it results from a week of sunshine and bathing suit temperatures!

Okay, maybe there was a little bit of sunshine from time to time, otherwise there obviously wouldn’t have been a rainbow.

First ice cream of the year: dramatic weather calls for dramatic ice cream!
New York Super Fudge Chunk with pieces of  white chocolate, milk chocolate, pecans, walnuts and chocolate covered almonds.

Warm weather also calls for dinner plates with a lot of small titbits: baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and quinoa with mango cubes.

I found the last of the Easter Eggs in my dad’s fridge last weekend, oh how I will miss these guys, can’t wait till next year!

Since it’s still grey pancakes are allowed, it’s been more like a pancake kinda week than a pancake kinda day. Pancake stack with strawberries and raspberry jelly on the first layer, peanut butter and granola on the second one, topped of with coconut milk and more granola.

Mona has been helping me edit my papers… or it least she thinks she’s helping but she’s always begging for me to rub her belly and take a nap with her.
Sorry kitty, can’t nap, have work to do!

She likes to help me take care of lunch as well.
That kitty has been crazy, she follows me around the house and especially likes it when I’m starting to cook, it makes her all zen.

Lovely Lunch: two pieces of bread toasted in a skillet in some olive oil topped with: philadephia and herbs, tomatoes, spinach and a fried egg. Carrots and mini corn and the side.

So, that’s enough random stuff for today!

Love, M.

Warning! Highly Addictive

A new month calls for new food addictions.
Go to a grocery store, buy the following and thank me later.
(or blame me because I got you hooked on it, it’s your choice).

Smoked Almonds
I actually bought this by accident cause I thought they were just normal almonds, but now I am never going back again.
But what were the people creating these thinking, like almonds an sich aren’t addicting enough?!

Coconut Milk
Tried and loved in: coffee, green tea, oatmeal, to finish off yoghurt bowls, cooking quinoa in it, plain.

Coffee flavoured chocolates
I got these for free when I went to pick up my photographs, thank God for leftover Easter chocolate that gets handed out for free, especially when it tastes like cappuchino.

More Avocado!

Bulgur and Falafel
I’ve only been eating meat replacements regularly for a week now and so far I have tried an array of veggie burgers by Damhert and Greenway falafels.
As far as the bulgur is concerned: better than rice and easier to prepare than quinoa, so  what’s not to love?

Spinach salad with strawberries and mango.
Sprinkle some lime juice on top, you’ll love it! It’s Spring in a bowl!


Kitchen Sink Salads and new Reads

Somehow the salads made out of all the leftovers lying around in (and around) the fridge always turn out to be the best ones.

Somehow it also seems you can’t remember what exactly went in them when you want to try to make them next time, there always seems one thing or another missing…

that’s why today’s kitchen sink salad got documented for future use: Lamb’s lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots, some leftover tuna, some mashed mango, vitality mix.

Quinoa on the side

Enough about salads now, let’s talk about something serious 😉 the sis and I went shopping today and she bought a super cute winter coat.

The best moment of the day was (of course) our visit to the book shop.
I couldn’t make a choice between two books and eventually the sis helped me out: she had her eyes on those two books too, so we decided to each by one and swap, so we could read both.

The sis got ‘The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake’

I went with ‘When God was a Rabbit’
(I would have bought it just for the cover, so cute) 

Another highlight today: we went for some coffee at ‘ Nosh’, and I ate a bagel for the first time in my life, a peanut butter – banana bagel…  it was pure bliss on a (cute) plate.
Next time I’m in for a breakfast treat, I know where to go.

Love, M.

A Breakfast full of Sunshine

First of all, I hope you guys enjoyed Halloween!
It isn’t really big in Belgium : no trick or treat, no pumpkin carving and candy munching, no horror movies….
the sis and I kept it simple and watched Harry Potter to get a bit in the Halloween mood anyway.

With a black cat Halloween is never too far around the corner, of course

We started the new month with rays of sunshine in the form of breakfast.

‘Tropical Quinoa Porridge’

  • 5 T of quinoa
  • 10 T of soy milk, plus an extra splash
  • handful of chopped almonds
  • a few dashes of cinnamon
  • half a banana, chopped
  • some mango, chopped
  • for topping: a few t of Greek yoghurt and dried berries
In a small casserole heat the milk till it’s boiling, lower the heat and add the quinoa and a few dashes of cinnamon. Let this simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, chop the nuts and fruits.
When the quinoa has absorbed all of the liquid, add the nuts, fruits and a some more milk. Let this cook for a few more minutes until the banana is tender and gooey.

Top with the Greek yoghurt and berries.

 This breakfast immediately brings out the sun, even though it’s already November and it probable won’t be long until we’re dealing with cold and snow. But a girl can always try to keep on to the those rays of sunshine for as long as possible!

Love, M.