Dinner Date

A couple of weeks ago I decided my dad, my sis and I should do dinner or breakfast dates a couple of times a month in order to make more time for each other and see each other more often.

Yesterday night we went on our first dinner date at Het Onderwerp (people who live in Belgium should really go and have dinner or breakfast there, and for the people who don’t live in Belgium: make sure you go eat there when you visit our country).

The photographs are taken with my phone (I did not want to embarrass the sis by carrying around my big camera).

I had the Normandic salad with: mixed lettuce, carrots, zucchini, cucumber, pear, caramelized apples and, most important, gratinéed brie drizzled with balsamic on top of al kind of nuts.

Brie + balsamic + pear/apple + nut on a fresh, still warm whole grain bread = LOVE

I didn’t even think about taking photographs of the sis or dad’s meal until they were halfway through it, better luck next time!

I did manage to take a sneak peek of the sister’s dessert before she magically made it disappear.

Chocolate mouse! I love the way it’s dressed on the plate.

My dessert: vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and egg liqueur

On here’s one final photograph, which is totally unrelated but I would really like to share it with you guys:

Mona really likes birthdays or events like mother’s day because she loves to play with gift wrapping paper.
She’s been hiding out in there for almost a week and took her loyal yellow scrunchy with here (no scrunchy will ever be safe in the house when Mona is around!).

Love, M.


4 responses to “Dinner Date

  1. ooh yum! that salad and everything looks so good. and mona is adorable 😀

  2. Wow, that Normandic salad looks amazing! I had to look up the definition of ‘gratineed’ and now I want some even more.

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