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Carb Crazy and Italian Inspiration

I’ve already mentioned in the previous post that me being in the first phase of the intuitive eating path basically equals me eating a lot of ‘bad’ stuff to prove to myself that I can have them.

So yes I eat more sweets, but  most noticeable is my bread consumption.
You see, before intuitive eating I had created this habit of staying away from bread as far as I could for most of the week and giving myself a free pass to eat ‘some’ bread in the weekend. I guess it’s not surprising you that that was not how it went in the weekends, once I started to eat bread I just couldn’t stop.

The intuitive eating book has an amazing chapter about how we need carbs as our basic fuel and of how our body reacts to the absence of it. This  made me realise that it wasn’t because of my lack of willpower or my extreme fancy for bread that I acted the way I did, my body was just screaming for the carbs I did not give it and as soon as I would have some all it could do was ask for more and more and more…

So yes, I am eating more bread now, but paradoxically I might be eating less bread when you look at my week’s total! Crazy business indeed.

And because all of you should get your carbs in – you know, in order to not go crazy and consume everything in sight after I while – I suggest having bruscetta for lunch/dinner/now, just because you feel like having it!

‘Easy Bruscetta’

  • ciabatta bread
  • tomatoes
  • mozzarella
  • pesto
  • herbs and spices of choice: I used a spaghetti mixture with basil oregano and paprika powder
  • other veggies of choice

You can use of fresh loaf or ciabatta bread, I used that kind of bread you still have to put in the oven for about 10 minutes before you can eat it.

If you use the ‘not-yet-baked-kind’, bake it in an oven on 220°C (430F) for a couple of minutes before adding the toppings and place it back for about 8 minutes afterwards. Otherwise just add the toppings and bake/grill in the oven for about 8 minutes on 220°C.

Served with spinach, peaches, avocado and coleslaw.
See I don’t just eat bread you guys 😉

Love, M.


Salad Take Away

Take away and salad, in the same title?
Paradoxical? I think not!

When looking in the fridge around noon, I found I still had lettuce and cherry tomatoes for lunch, and that was about it (there was some avocado as well, but that was reserved for dinner)… sounds yummy right (insert sarcasm here).

So I opted for a salad take away, I went to Mange- Tout and just ordered two servings ( a ‘normal’ salad would consist of 4 servings of different salad types), to pair with the lonely lettuce in my fridge. In the mix: crazy coleslaw (still my favourite with that spicy curry dressing) and an aubergine thingy.

I didn’t really like the aubergine stuff, but it had nothing to do with how it was prepared in any way, I just came to realise I don’t like aubergine all that much, better luck next time, other and better add ins!

As for the dinner on the go, I created my own take away with more leftovers.
Avocado on oats bread and the 3 cherry tomatoes that escaped the salad.

Love, M.

The best Salads in Town


There’s this salad bar where you can choose between a whole lot of add-ins and create your own salad only a few minutes away from the building I have most of my classes. Not only do they have new options for add-ins every day, they also sell wraps, warm dishes (curries!) and the traditional salads.

The owners are very friendly and on top of that they give you cute cutlery in a nice green napkin.

Today I went there for the first time to buy a salad for lunch. I got 3 different salad types and added some avocado I still had lying around in my fridge.

‘Crazy Coleslaw’ on the left with raisins and a curry dressing.
‘Nutty Carrots’ on the right, carrot coins and peanuts in a sesame dressing.

‘Pasta Pesto’ with basil pesto and rocket.

Other things on the menu today: sweet potatoes, tortellini primavera, salsa with cucumber and mango and different types of quiches.

Definitely the best salads in town!
I can’t wait to try out all the other add-ins (the quiches are first on my wishlist).

Love, M.