The best Salads in Town


There’s this salad bar where you can choose between a whole lot of add-ins and create your own salad only a few minutes away from the building I have most of my classes. Not only do they have new options for add-ins every day, they also sell wraps, warm dishes (curries!) and the traditional salads.

The owners are very friendly and on top of that they give you cute cutlery in a nice green napkin.

Today I went there for the first time to buy a salad for lunch. I got 3 different salad types and added some avocado I still had lying around in my fridge.

‘Crazy Coleslaw’ on the left with raisins and a curry dressing.
‘Nutty Carrots’ on the right, carrot coins and peanuts in a sesame dressing.

‘Pasta Pesto’ with basil pesto and rocket.

Other things on the menu today: sweet potatoes, tortellini primavera, salsa with cucumber and mango and different types of quiches.

Definitely the best salads in town!
I can’t wait to try out all the other add-ins (the quiches are first on my wishlist).

Love, M.

One response to “The best Salads in Town

  1. Wow- so fresh! I’m jealous!

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