Salad Take Away

Take away and salad, in the same title?
Paradoxical? I think not!

When looking in the fridge around noon, I found I still had lettuce and cherry tomatoes for lunch, and that was about it (there was some avocado as well, but that was reserved for dinner)… sounds yummy right (insert sarcasm here).

So I opted for a salad take away, I went to Mange- Tout and just ordered two servings ( a ‘normal’ salad would consist of 4 servings of different salad types), to pair with the lonely lettuce in my fridge. In the mix: crazy coleslaw (still my favourite with that spicy curry dressing) and an aubergine thingy.

I didn’t really like the aubergine stuff, but it had nothing to do with how it was prepared in any way, I just came to realise I don’t like aubergine all that much, better luck next time, other and better add ins!

As for the dinner on the go, I created my own take away with more leftovers.
Avocado on oats bread and the 3 cherry tomatoes that escaped the salad.

Love, M.


2 responses to “Salad Take Away

  1. Lenna (veganlenna)

    Hi, queen of take-aways 😀 That salad looks tasty, I really like coleslaw (why is this one crazy, may I ask?) and I quite understand your relationship with aubergine. It took my probably 20 years to start liking it 😀

    • 😀 It’s crazy cause they really like alliterative names (like ‘bonte boontjes’ but this only makes sense when you speak Dutch ;)) That aubergine really disappointed, it looks so yummy, why can’t it taste the way it looks?!

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