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Monday: many Highlights, one Low

The Highlights

Green apples are back in my life!!
Though I’d say I’m a sweet tooth and I would never give up my favourite Gala apples for any other kind in the world (so far), I really enjoy a tangy green apple from time to time.

My promoter just handed my over this baby, more info for my bachelor paper!

Quinoa salad with tomato and chickpeas, hmmm yummy in my tummy!

My fridge looks rather happy as well, don’t you think?
It’s star components:

Hummus, you always manage to make me smile!

Tofu for tomorrow’s experiment..
Marinate and (with a bit of luck ;)) eat

Pretty vintage shoes!
I found these while cleaning up in my grandma’s attic when they were packing all of their stuff cause they were going to move, I also confiscated a purple pair of shoes… that was a good day.

One very,very,very low…

I’m actually quite ashamed to tell you this…

I still feel so bad about it!
So, this afternoon I decided to grab a coup of instant soup, I still had a new package with peas and croutons lying around in my cabinet and I took that one.
I ate a couple of spoonfuls and something just tasted funny, a bit off.. it tasted a bit like ham or bacon…. (can you see where this is going?!)
I immediately went to check the container, and yes, it was indeed containing ham (ie. pork…. ie. meat!!)

and even though I only ate a couple of spoonfuls, I still feel so bad about it !

I should have checked the package before I ate it, but I remember buying it and taking this one on purpose because it didn’t seem to have meat in it, all of the others had things like ‘with chicken’ on it in big letters on the front of the packages so I thought it was safe…
So yeah, I’m feeling a bit like a vegetarian failure now…

Love, M.