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Changing Things up a bit

Well, it’s not this:

But it’s awesome as well

Soy Yoghurt and some very tasted roasted topping!

For the topping: in a skillet fry 1T of oats, 1 T of flax and 1 T of  grated coconut, you won’t need to add any oil in the skillet, the flax and the coconut contain enough fat to not let it burn. This makes about 2 toppings for medium yoghurt bowls, 1 topping if you’re planning on using it on oatmeal.

Another snack I really enjoy while trying to avoid the Greek yoghurt and sugary granola is soy yoghurt with a fresh fig in it, such a treat!

And as a pre-yoga snack, I had this:

I guess you could label these as overnight oats.
Coconut Overnight Oats to be more specific.

Put together 4 T of oats, 2 T of soy yoghurt, a sprinkle of flax seeds, a handful of chopped nuts, 2 t of grated coconut and a splash of soy milk.
I prepared this in the morning while I was making my smoothie for breakfast and ate it about 3 hours after, before heading to a yoga class and after adding some extra soy milk.
This was amazing! It tastes like the filling of a Bounty bar!

Love, M.


Crazy Dinner on the Go : Episode 2

There is no way on earth you will ever guess what I had for lunch today!
What did you say? Spring rolls?? Why, you’re good, how did you know?

Okay, enough with the sarcasm already, cause you really won’t be able to guess what I’ll be having for dinner.
I’ll be leaving to go to a friend’s place soon to work on our Linguistics exam and tonight I’m going to be on the train home so it’s time for another episode of crazy dinner on the go:

Thus far it looks pretty standard: apple ,crackers and a box with an undefined content (and some leftover khaki, but it’s still in the fridge for now).

Just wait till you open the box!

On the left: Greek yoghurt with spinach and kiwi (it’s a crazy dinner on the go favourite) with flax, almonds and dried berries.
On the right: quinoa cooked in soy milk.
It looks really horrible, but the flavours are great.

When I’m home tonight I’d still like to go for a run, so I hope this is enough to hold me over for some time.