Warning! Highly Addictive

A new month calls for new food addictions.
Go to a grocery store, buy the following and thank me later.
(or blame me because I got you hooked on it, it’s your choice).

Smoked Almonds
I actually bought this by accident cause I thought they were just normal almonds, but now I am never going back again.
But what were the people creating these thinking, like almonds an sich aren’t addicting enough?!

Coconut Milk
Tried and loved in: coffee, green tea, oatmeal, to finish off yoghurt bowls, cooking quinoa in it, plain.

Coffee flavoured chocolates
I got these for free when I went to pick up my photographs, thank God for leftover Easter chocolate that gets handed out for free, especially when it tastes like cappuchino.

More Avocado!

Bulgur and Falafel
I’ve only been eating meat replacements regularly for a week now and so far I have tried an array of veggie burgers by Damhert and Greenway falafels.
As far as the bulgur is concerned: better than rice and easier to prepare than quinoa, so  what’s not to love?

Spinach salad with strawberries and mango.
Sprinkle some lime juice on top, you’ll love it! It’s Spring in a bowl!



3 responses to “Warning! Highly Addictive

  1. I’m loving avocado right now too!

  2. I really enjoy reading your post and I decided to honour your blog with The Versatile Blogger Award, for more details please follow the link http://lifestyleinc.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/a-day-in-the-kitchen/
    Keep up!

  3. I both want to run to the store to look for smoked almonds and also stay far away from them! Highly addictive, indeed.

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