All the Little Things

It is not about the big, life-changing events,
it’s about those tiny things that make you smile.

Like the tortellini primavera in my salad

Those tiny things that give your day that bit of spark.

Strawberries and black vodka

Those tiny things that reminder you to take a deep breath and enjoy.

Taking time to drink a cappuchino at The Coffee Club and read Hamlet.

Those tiny things that remind you to take notice of tiny things.

Flowers and breakfast parfaits

Those tiny things that will turn out to be great thing after a while.


Love, M.


6 responses to “All the Little Things

  1. What is this black vodka of which you write?? 😉
    And congratulations Auntie Maxime! She looks lovely!

    • It was a cocktail with Eristoff black vodka, which is suppose to taste like berries or something, with crushed strawberries and ice in it, very tasty 🙂 It’s a he actually, and he is so adorable!

      • I’m blushing because I remember asking John, “I think that’s a boy baby but I’m always wrong,” and he is adorable! And that cocktail – if we ever meet, that’s what I’m going ask you to make. 🙂

      • No blushing needed, I’m always wrong as well (but I’m mostly wrong when I meet the kid in person which is a bit more awkward especially when the mum’s around as well). I’ll make the cocktails, you can take care of the snacks! 😉

  2. I 100% agree with this sentiment! It’s something I’ve been doing more and more, and I’m amazed at how it can head off negative energy or thoughts. It’s the little moments that make the bigger picture a good one. Your blog is lovely! And I think sweet baby yawns are the best little things in the world 🙂

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