Running on Pink

I’ve been having the most productive week ever!
And it’s only Wednesday, so things can only get better.

So far I’ve been:

  • catching up on courses I’ve been neglecting
  • writing papers like my life depends on it (one of which on the development of dummy from the 16th century to now, such fun)
  • rode on a bike in the city for the first time  (which was fun and scary at the same time)
  • took 2 yoga classes in 2 days (vinyasa power and ashtanga)
  • working on my gift for Floris (more about that later!)

My mind is on full speed, even though my body has not been really cooperating, I’ve been sporting a throat ache that is not really something serious yet but serious enough to bug the living hell out of me at night, which translates into some severe sleep deprivation.

But apparently you do not need sleep to be productive, as long as you have enough caffeine and strawberries at you disposal.

Overnight oats with coconut and strawberries to start the day of on the right foot.

Smoothie with banana, strawberries and some ice cubes to sooth the troubled throat.

Spring salad: Lamb’s lettuce with cherry tomatoes, radishes, asparagus and strawberries of course.

Today’s lunch on the go: quinoa and strawberries with an apple and cherry tomatoes on the side.

PS: there won’t be any photographs of Floris until the weekend as I’m stuck in Leuven for the week!

Love, M.


6 responses to “Running on Pink

  1. I’m glad you’re catching up on things and being productive. I hope your throat feels better soon!

    Strawberries are amazing in the states right now too. I picked some up yesterday and literally had to stop myself from eating the entire carton in one sitting!

    • Hmmm, just reading about strawberries makes me crave them again, I could be happy with just eating strawberries for the next couple of days, plus they tend to sooth my throat which is a great bonus 🙂

  2. sore throats are so annoying! hope it feels better soon 🙂

  3. Strawberries! I love strawberries! Hmmm I need to make something with strawberries pronto 😛

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