What’s Cooking

I’ve been super busy and super stressed this week, all this work: papers, classes I neglected, an Old English translation exam… and trying to keep practising yoga, to run from time to time and not to neglect my social life too much.

I spent most of my time in class rooms or the library and ate lots of strawberries and soup.

Some highlights this week:

1. Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien.

2. Visiting Ghent, falling in love with it and seeing the musical our class mates organized, Socrates Superstar was amazing, especially if you’re into ‘Classical’ jokes!

3.  Being able to justify reading the Hunger Games again as I’m doing my human animal paper on the series

4. My first real Ashtanga class, including the chanting (never did that before) 

5. Eating pizza, drinking port and singing nostalgic songs

6. Food:

Okra!! Why aren’t you available in my local shop??
I had to drive to the Netherlands to get some okra, and it was all worth it.

I tried bulghur for the first time in my life.

The new love of my life: whole grain granola with no added sugar!

Soy milk with macchiato flavour

Pumpkin bread with cottage cheese and cinnamon.

That’s about as random as it can get!



4 responses to “What’s Cooking

  1. Pumpkin bread looks good!

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