Food in Rome

Italians are a bit weird about vegetarianism: they have a lot of amazing dishes that do not have any meat in them, but as soon as you announce you’re a vegetarian they get a bit confused and the only thing they seem to be able to offer you is a plate of lettuce with some tomato slices.

Yeah, that happened on our trip in Rome… several times.
But there were also times we got more lucky.

For lunch we either had a panini on the go (on the photograph: a panini with mozzarella, zucchini and aubergine. I even had one with green beans,mushrooms and cauliflower once) or we had a picknick with nice Italian bread, cheese,cherry tomatoes and fruit.

I think I enjoyed lunch most because that was the meal we got to choose ourselves. I’m usually a big fan of breakfast but the breakfast we got in the hotel wasn’t that great: buns with butter and jelly (if you got lucky you got a different jelly flavour than you had the day before). We did have breakfast in a cosy, little coffeeshop a couple of times which was awesome: a steaming cappuchini and a croissant, njam!

Typical foodstand with panini and drinks

Real Romans eat pizza!

And not just normal pizza, they eat giant pizza.

The best thing about dinner was that we got dessert every time, sometimes we got fruit  but most of the time we got some not very tasting looking pudding (sometimes it was actually meant to be pudding, other times it was meant to be pannacotta). I even bargained my way into getting some tiramusi from someone who was lucky enough to get a serving of that since they were all out of pudding.

And don’t forget about the gelati and the frozen yoghurt!

Love, M.

7 responses to “Food in Rome

  1. Yum! I love Italy and Italian food! And so true about the vegetarian thing.

  2. i need to go to europe and have their food! it all looks so awesome 🙂

  3. i dislike this website

    • While I can’t say I’m happy you don’t like it, you do have every right not to like it and I respect your opinion. If you want to share, feedback is always welcome!

  4. So very jealous of your eats on this trip. I love the food in Italy and seriously could eat gelato for every meal.

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