Shopping Spree

Every girl needs a good shopping trip to get her mind off of things and re-energize from time to time!

Today I went shopping with the mom and the sis, here’s my loot:

1 pair of jeans and a blue dress (Mango), 3 sweaters (Springfield), socks and tights (H&M) and a new purse since the old one got mutilated in Rome (Only).

Close up of the shirts. I love these kind of shirts: it’s not really a shirt, but not really a sweater either, long-sleeved,super soft and comfortable.

Another bonus today: shopping lunch and coffee.

Veggie sandwich with carrots,lettuce,tomato,cucumber,red beets and spice cheese with a salad on the side. And a cappuccino in the background.
I’m having trouble staying away from cappuccino, even though it’s not nearly as good in Belgium as it was in Italy.. well, I only had 2 today so I guess you can call that improvement.

Love, M.

3 responses to “Shopping Spree

  1. I absolutely love the shirts you bought! I love things like that too…it’s not a shirt or a sweater, it’s both and so much more lol

  2. awesome haul! i really need to restock my closet. and that sandwich looks too good!

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