Smells like fresh Tomatoes

When I have to pick one reason why Spring is amazing, the fact that tomatoes get more taste and more scent must be the best!
Well, that and having the possibility to take a noon yoga class in the sun and deciding to skip a n English literature class so I can sit and drink tea with fellow yoga lovers after that class. For the next three weeks I won’t be able to take any classes (this Friday I’ll be leaving for Rome and when I come back it will be Easter Break so I will be at home for 2 weeks), I’m going to miss it!

But  back to those tomatoes: I’ve been addicted to them lately.
There’s been a certain shift and now they are in Spring mode, they don’t taste like just water any more and that scent…
I swear, the scent on the stem of fresh tomatoes must be one of my favourite scents on the earth!

Tomato stuffed with chickpeas, avocado, sauté mushrooms and the pulp of the tomato. Sprinkled with some pepper and sea salt on top. And if you’can’t get enough of all that tomato, add some ketchup

Do yourself a favour, go buy some tomatoes… and don’t forget to smell them!

Love, M.


4 responses to “Smells like fresh Tomatoes

  1. I cannot wait till we get those here – and fresh okra. You are so lucky!

  2. Yesss I cannot wait until tomato season! I spent a good part of my last summer picking tomatoes in a greenhouse and their scent is amazing.

  3. I’ve never made stuffed tomatoes before because I thought I didn’t like tomatoes … but lately I’ve been really getting into them so I may have to try this! Also, I read your post on the Hunger Games. I just finished the third book! I was totally addicted to them!!

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