Saturday Stuff

Look at this adorable little mouse!
Daphne had to sculpt figures out of marzipan in school  and was allowed to take them home afterwards. Lucky us! My mum and I love marzipan, especially when it’s looking cute.

Last night we visited my aunt and niece, I cooked dinner for them and we had a lovely time. I made curried scampi and it was a real hit!

New shoes!
I love them, they’re really comfortable and very pretty.
Mona likes them as well, she keeps purring when I wear them and she rubs her head against them and even licks them. No need for shoe polish in this house!

Saturday snack: fresh pineapple.

Saturday lunch: scrambled eggs with spinach,tomato and mushrooms, avocado, a bowl of chickpeas with pepper and a ciabatta bread with philadephia and basil cheese.
I had a couple of helpings of granola afterwards and I’m still craving more.
I know I’m supposed the be detoxing but it’s that time of the month and I just can not stop eating… so frustrating. I thought eating chickpeas with lunch would do the trick and leave me satiated but I just want carbs and chocolate!Now!!

Love, M.


2 responses to “Saturday Stuff

  1. Beautiful shoes!! I got a somewhat similar pair in Oxford last spring and am still totally in love with them.

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