Changing Things up a bit

Well, it’s not this:

But it’s awesome as well

Soy Yoghurt and some very tasted roasted topping!

For the topping: in a skillet fry 1T of oats, 1 T of flax and 1 T of  grated coconut, you won’t need to add any oil in the skillet, the flax and the coconut contain enough fat to not let it burn. This makes about 2 toppings for medium yoghurt bowls, 1 topping if you’re planning on using it on oatmeal.

Another snack I really enjoy while trying to avoid the Greek yoghurt and sugary granola is soy yoghurt with a fresh fig in it, such a treat!

And as a pre-yoga snack, I had this:

I guess you could label these as overnight oats.
Coconut Overnight Oats to be more specific.

Put together 4 T of oats, 2 T of soy yoghurt, a sprinkle of flax seeds, a handful of chopped nuts, 2 t of grated coconut and a splash of soy milk.
I prepared this in the morning while I was making my smoothie for breakfast and ate it about 3 hours after, before heading to a yoga class and after adding some extra soy milk.
This was amazing! It tastes like the filling of a Bounty bar!

Love, M.


2 responses to “Changing Things up a bit

  1. I love figs and you’re right, they’re great in yogurt!

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