My mum brought out the Easter decoration yesterday!
Lo and behold, the first chocolate Easter eggs in our house.

I don’t know how this works in other countries, but in Belgium we also have ‘normal’ eggs around Easter time, painted in bright colours , which taste amazing!
Everyone knows I’m a bit of a chocolate addict, but during Easter time I don’t even care much for the chocolate eggs, those bright coloured eggs are all want!

Someone once told me they get steamed instead of boiled and that’s way they taste so great. Well, I should really try this and if it truly is the case I’ll never eat a boiled egg again in my life…

after this one of course:

It’s sad how chocolate Easter eggs make me want to eat normal eggs.

And those strange things on the left of the plate don’t have anything to do with eggs, in case you were wondering. Those are wasabi covered peanuts, in their spicy and perfect glory!

Love, M.
Did you see what I did in the title, clever huh! 😉 


6 responses to “Eggcited

  1. Like the title….

  2. Wasabi covered peanuts sound amazing! And I can’t say I’ve ever tried steamed eggs, only hardboiled for me.

  3. Haha nothing wrong with wanting some good, normal eggs girl! And wasabi peanuts…?! What?! I need to try those.

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