Again with the Sweet Potato

Creamy, creamier, creamiest….


Someone just had to invent a new word to describe the creamy factor of this bowl of oats.

‘Sweet Potato Cottage Cheese Oats’

  • 40 gr (half a cup) of oats
  • some water
  • some soy milk
  • half a sweet potato, prepared in the microwave
  • 1 T of cottage cheese
  • cinnamon

Add the oats and just enough water to cover them in a bowl. Microwave for one minute. Add the soy milk, half  a mashed sweet potato you prepared in the microwave first and 1 T of cottage cheese. Place it back in the microwave for 2 a 3 minutes. Top with some more cottage cheese and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Now I can hear you think:
“What the hell am I supposed to do with the other half of that sweet potato??”

Well, you use it in a smoothie, simple as that:

Smoothie with half a sweet potato (mashed), half a banana
and some lamb’s lettuce.

So there you have it, sweet potatoes have made their return, consider yourself warned!

Love, M.


2 responses to “Again with the Sweet Potato

  1. I guess what will it taste like? good or weird??
    Because I can’t imagine the taste from mixture of cinnamon + sweet potato + soy…

    • It was good, there was a hint of sweet potato in it, but not too much, some tartness from the cottage cheese (but I usually use cottage cheese in my oatmeal for texture cause it doesn’t taste very strong when it’s added and cooked with it) and the cinnamon give it some punch (and I can’t imagine eating cottage cheese without cinnamon, that’s why I added it :p)

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