Tuesday I took a higher level yoga class at noon. It was truly amazing, the sun was shining and there were only three students present, so the teacher had lots of time to help and adjust us.

I am very sore now though, but it’s a good kind of sore that tells you you made an effort and it is paying off. Especially the muscles in my stomach hurt like hell (I have a bit of a cold as well and every time I have to sneeze it feel like my torso will snap apart). I am going to have abs of steel in a couple of months 😉

I had some tasty oats this morning to cheer up the tummy:

Fluffy oats with blueberries stirred in and topped with some blueberry yoghurt

It’s a blueberry mania over here this week: I’ve had blueberries in my yoghurt, in my smoothies, in my oats and a couple of handfuls as a snack.
It’s a miracle my hands and tongue haven’t turned blue yet!



4 responses to “Blue

  1. I love blueberries, I don’t blame you for eating them in every form 🙂

    Also, isn’t yogurt with oatmeal amazing?? I’m glad you enjoyed your yoga class 🙂

    • Blueberries are really amazing! And so is yoghurt and oatmeal, I just don’t really like it when it’s stirred in, I prefer it as a topping, but you are right, it is pretty amazing 😀

  2. Man I need to start eating more blueberries, this looks soooooo good.

    • And they are starting to have more taste as well, I sometimes can’t help myself and buy blueberries in the winter and those are just.. well, bland, but now they’re getting juicier every day!

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