As a literature student I am obsessed with the concept of originality.
Is there such a thing as originality? Or are we doomed to always recreate things we already came across before? Are we aware of the fact that we do this, that creation is in fact recreation?

I never claimed I am creative in any way but when I came up with an amazing idea for Sunday dinner I was quite impressed myself.
When I finished the dish I had a deja-vu though, which any became clear when I took my first bite… this dish reminded me of something…

‘Curried Scampi’

  • a bag of shrimps ( we used a 500gr bag of scampi for the 3 of us)
  • green beans, snap peas or sugar snaps
  • mushrooms
  • half a zucchini
  • curry powder
  • cream
  • any kind of rice you fancy ( we used basmati, Daphne’s favourite)

Let’s start with a note on the scampi: you can use any kind of shrimp you like and can even let them out if you’re a real vegetarian (only the semi-vegetarian I am who still sometimes eats some fish). I used a bag of already cleaned and poached shrimps because I really hate de- shelling shrimps (is there even a word for this in English, I don’t even know a word for this in Dutch!)

Heat some olive oil in a big frying pan, add the shrimps and sprinkle loads of curry powder on top. While the shrimps are frying dice the zucchini and slice the mushrooms. In a small casserole heat some water to cook the beans in for about 5 minutes, you can also steam them. Add the mushrooms to the shrimps and add the beans as well when they’ve cooked, sprinkle everything with some more curry powder.

Heat some water in another casserole and boil the rice.
Finish off the shrimps by adding the diced zucchini, sprinkle some more curry powder on top and add a bit of cream to create a sauce (add as much cream as you’d like to change the quantity and consistency of the sauce). Feel free to add some more curry powder as well.
Serve with the rice.

Now compare my “creation”, to this:

Deja -vu indeed! Well, at least Daphne liked it, she’s usually not that into the things I cook as they are ‘too healthy’ and loaded which veggies, but this one was a winner.



7 responses to “Original

  1. Looks really good. In English we do say “de-shelled” and “de-veined” for shrimp, unless there happens to be some fancy culinary term I’m unaware of 😛

  2. These photos make me hungry! 😀

  3. These photos are beautiful!!!!!
    It’s funny, the last shrimp I ate was when I was 15 and I still remember it – it was really buttery and almost had a non-meat like texture. Every time I see a delicious shrimp recipe like this one, I feel like I know exactly what it tastes like! Strange right?

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