Did you ever notice that everything seems to come back after a certain amount of time?

Those crazy leggings your mum wore on photographs from before you were born with which you were laughing with a couple of years ago? Espadrilles? Maxi dresses? Jumpsuits?

Well, that’s not just with fashion, the same thing could be said for food!

People’s love for a certain type of food always develops in a couple of phases.
First there is always the fascination phase, the phase in which you eat  more of one type of food than any human should be capable of and you try to combine it with everything and anything.
Then there’s that phase of slowly taking some distance: you still like it, still eat it (and probably still more than is healthy for you) but you’re not as obsessed with it as you once were and most importantly you no longer try to pair it with stuff that just does not go with it .
Next there’s a phase in which you are completely sick of it and decide to not eat it any more, ever!
Finally you’ll reached the phase in which you forget all about the above mentioned food, until one day it manages to draw your attention and makes you fall in love with it all over again…  which brings us back to the beginning.

Today will be remembered as the day of the rediscovery of cottage cheese, rice flakes and peanut butter. Or wait, scratch that last one, peanut butter has never (and will probably never be) out of my life.

It is the day of rediscovering parfait, because everything tastes better when layered in a pretty jar. And because it is fun to mash up all the layers you so diligently construed.

Love, M.


6 responses to “Circles

  1. I’ve never tried a parfait with cottage cheese, sounds really good!

  2. Lexi @ Cura Personalis Foodie

    Truth–things do taste better in a pretty jar 🙂

  3. best combination of unhealthy food – cheese, rice flakes, and peanut butter… but it taste really good and make you happy.. lol.

    • 😀 Cottage cheese isn’t that ‘bad’ and I’d like to think of rice flakes as just little bags of air and you need a bit if fat every now and then…self deception is a real art 😉

      • Look like you agree that peanut butter is bad… , since you are not mentioned it in replied. 🙂
        Rice flakes isn’t that bad, but it still consider highly process food. I trust raw food better.

        anyway, sometime we need to pamper ourself too..

      • Yep, I do agree peanut butter isn’t all that great, yet I can’t stop myself from eating it 😉 and I agree on the fact that we have to pamper ourselves too 🙂 I have a lot of respect for people who can keep up a diet mainly consisting of raw food, I just don’t seem to have enough will power to do that

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