Like a kid in a Candyshop

That’s how excited I get when I find new things in the stores and when I get to eat/ cook with them for the first time.

New and excited foods you can find in my pantry as of now:

Zonnatura bar with peanuts,almonds,honey and raisons

The first chai tea I have ever owned

A lovely rice combination: different kinds of rice with barley and wheat

The first time I’ve ever seen or eaten okra

I really enjoyed the okra raw and it was nice as well when it was cooked, just a bit more slimy (if you’re a food texture- nazi, you probably should not try to cook it). I really like these with tomato ketchup, is that strange? Is that blasphemy?

Put together the cooked rice with okras, soy beans, carrots and mange touts. Eat. Enjoy.

I’m sorry for this diffuse kind of posting, it’s my first week back at college and I’m a bit weary and tired and doing a thousand things at a time, one of them is eating okra with tomato ketchup, don’t mind the ketchup stains on the keyboard.

Love, M.


4 responses to “Like a kid in a Candyshop

  1. I love okra but can never find it fresh!! So jealous!

  2. Being South Asian, okra is something I’ve eaten since I was little (and eggplant, seriously, so much eggplant) and I love Southern U.S. okra dishes, I think it’s so yummy in these cuisines! Try Bhindi Masala at your local Indian place and let me know what you think – it’s my favorite way to have it:D

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