An Open Letter to Small Town Mentality

Did you truly believe it was a bright idea to tell a mum and her two daughters how her almost-ex-husband is an asshole?

Or didn’t you realize, as you were talking to this mum and her daughters,you were actually also talking to the daughters of this asshole you were referring to?
Do you think it is appropriate to tell a sixteen-year-old girl her father is an ass hole? Cause I don’t think it is appropriate to tell my little sister our dad is an ass hole, but maybe that’s just silly of me..
Do you think it is appropriate to start “explaining the truth” about the whole situation after that?
Do you think it as appropriate to talk about things like this as if you are the person that know everything there is to know about it… maybe that’s just vanity speaking but as it is about my mum and dad you are talking I’m pretty sure I’m a bit better informed than you are.

Do you have any idea how much this situation is also killing my dad, even though you are  blabbing all this bad stuff about him, calling him an asshole in front of his daughters?
Do you have any idea how much a want to tell you off about this?
I’ve already bitten my tongue 5 times in these last 2 minutes cause I don’t want to embarrass my mum or make her sad and most of all because I’m better than that. I’m better than this small town gossip. I’m a big girl, I don’t even really life here any more, if you want to talk about me that’s okay, I can handle that.
But don’t you dare talk about/to my mum and my little sister like that!

And last of all: do you honestly believe you are helping my mum by telling this? Cause in my opinion you can only be as brave and as strong as a person is willing to make you feel… how strong do you think she feels when you talk to her like she’s a lonely,sad and betrayed woman?
Do you have any idea how much effort I have put in to making her feel worthy again? To make her smile again? To make her eat again?
It’s taken me weeks to convince her to say ‘I’m fine’ when someone asks her how she feels (but only if she is feeling that way if she’s sad she should say so as well, but only to trustworthy people not to small-town-gossip-seekers).
If the only thing you expect her to say is ‘I feel like shit’ what else is there to say? If even her parents tell her off for telling them ‘I’m fine’, tell her they don’t believe her and she probably feels like shit, how on earthy can it be possible for her to feel a little bit happy, let alone admit she is.

I hope you enjoyed talking her down again, hope you enjoyed watching the pieces fall apart, we’ll be here trying to pick them up again… and again and again..
And you know, if you really cared about her and not just about the gossip and the sensation, you’d be here to pick them up too, instead of just making them fall.

You’re only as strong as a person is willing to make you feel…
I want my mum to feel like a lioness and I don’t want anyone to tell her that she can’t! 

*end of rant*

Love, M.


2 responses to “An Open Letter to Small Town Mentality

  1. Your mother is lucky to have you as a daughter and mean people shouldn’t be rewarded with your kindness. I hope you are provided some respite from their attention and get to enjoy the weekend with your mum and Daphne.
    XX, M

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