Yoga and crazy stuff my cat does

Since it is still freaking cold out here and my mum won’t let me go out for a run because she is afraid I will fall,end up in a ditch and freeze or get lost, end up in a ditch and freeze, I decided I’d do some extra yoga this week.
Problem is there is no yoga studio in the neighbourhood when I’m at my mum’s house so as I can’t go the a studio I tried to bring the studio to the house.

Yesterday I wanted to try some yin yoga since I really enjoyed the class I took at the studio in Leuven the other week.
Turns out staying in the same pose for 5 minutes on the cold floor at home and with no one to motivate you and talk you through the discomfort (well, discomfort, maybe that’s a bit of an understatement…) did not work out that great. Today I practised vinyasa power followed by some ab workouts.

A great post yoga snack: tea, some oatbran with granola and a kiwi with seeds

Which brings me to the next topic: Mona!
Here’s what happened when I left the food unguarded for  half a second. Mind you, she did not go for the creamy, (fake)milk stuff but she went for the kiwi…

Crazy stuff my cat does:

She often thinks she’s human.
I kid you not! She likes to sleep in a bed, drink out of a glass instead of out of a bowl and she often wants to eat from a plate (when you offer her the food she was trying to steal from your plate in her bowl, she won’t have it any more).  She also really likes human food and I’m not talking about meat and fish: Mona likes corn and kiwis, she will eat paté but only if you put it on a sandwich…

She sometimes thinks she’s a dog.
She steals our scrunchies or other belongings (another favourite are mittens),then she walks around with them in her mouth, looking smug and stores them in her food bowl. We haven’t convinced her to play fetch (yet).

She gets high on the tea my mum drinks to sleep better. Apparently she is really fond of valerian, she starts to purr when she smells it and she always tries to take the teabags and sit on them.

Since we moved she has not yet found out that there’s an ‘outside’ with this house too, so for now she just sits in front of the window and tries to convince the birds and the other cats to come play with here inside of the house.

See, I told you she was a bit crazy!




3 responses to “Yoga and crazy stuff my cat does

  1. Haha, my cat is crazy too. He likes to play fetch and chew things like a dog does. He also likes human food, sleeping in beds, and cuddling. I’m starting to doubt that he is actually a cat, he’s much of a “creature” 😛

    • Wow you got him to play fetch!! that’s impressive, Mona is way to stubborn to actually bring back stuff 🙂 I love the fact that cats have their own personality, they really are more like “creatures”, cat is just to narrow of a name for them!

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